book I’ve been diligently researching, and implementing, the different ways/mediums to promote my book ever since I self-published my story. I’ve also come to realize that there are many ways in which to do so. Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and many others to numerous to name.

There are also websites like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious, and Googlebuzz, that allow you to share the links to your works/sites with others. These, I confess, I’m still getting used to using. But I do have to admit that they make it easier for making your work known to others out there and I think they are very useful in the long run.

I’ve also come across Lifarre, courtesy of Indie Book Collective, which allows me to connect with other women/writers who share the same passion as I do for writing. I’m still getting used to this site, but I made my first friend on it today which I thought was very cool. Hopefully, I’ll make many more soon.

I do owe most of what I’ve been learning about promoting, self-publishing, etc . . . to the ladies who founded the Indie Book CollectiveCarolyn, Rachel, and Amber. I’ve been a lurker on IBC at Goodreads for awhile, but have followed IBC on Twitter ever since I came across a link to their blog aeons ago. I hadn’t done much of anything within the group at Goodreads up until now, though, as I didn’t really have any of my work out there, aside from what I share on my other random writing blog.

These ladies have offered very helpful advice and keep an author up-to-date on what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to publishing and promoting your work. I remedied not having followed their individual twitters up until recently. And I’m very glad I have. ‘Cos I’m learning a lot more and meeting more wonderful people, too. I’m also applying those new methods of promotion and publishing as I go along in hopes of becoming known and sharing even more of my work with all of you in the long run.