Mirabal Sisters Please Note: I do not own this picture. It belong to its respective owners. I take no credit for it and am only using it within this post to show who they are. Thanks for understanding!

A couple days ago, I was watching Tropico De Sangre, a movie that depicts the lives of the Mirabal Sister’s and their opposition to Rafael Trujillo’s rule in the Dominican Replublic, when this poem popped into my head.

I dedicate this poem to the them, even though I’ve never known them. May they always rest in peace.



We Are Lost (Remember The Butterflies)



We are lost.
Our blood coats the very ground that we walk on.
Fighting for a noble cause.
There are those who consider us traitors.
Balking at the hand that feeds us.
We live a life of privilege.
Yet poverty follows at our heels.
The injustices of my people,
is something that we refuse to accept.
My soul clamors for release.
Yearning for that day,
when peace will reign supreme.

How can we live?
When there are many crying,
from such torments.
Inflicted upon us by a dictator,
who refuses to yield to his people’s demands.
Spurning his advances,
we will never see eye to eye.
I don’t agree with how he rules his land,
and he will never tame me.

Remember me.
Let not my memory die.
We are lost.
And yet, we’re also free.
I sought to give my people hope.
To help them see the light.
Although, I’ve met my maker,
my soul will always live on.

There are no regrets,
in all that I have done.
Dreams of a better world,
was our only goal.
There were those who opposed us,
and sought to extinguish our bright flame.

Remember the butterflies.
We are never far from your memories.
Hovering in the distance.
Protecting those we’ve always loved.
Freedom will come some day.
My people’s voices will be heard.

While I will never see the light of that day,
I am proud of what we’ve accomplished.
We are lost,
but we will never be forgotten.
Remember me.
Remember the butterflies.



©  Sept. 28, 2011 L.E.M.