Good morning, lovelies.

A lovely Tuesday to you all.

It’s cold and raining here in Connecticut. What’s it like where you’re at?

Have been hunkering down these last few days in writing more of Initiation: The Beginning. Among other things, of course. Initially, the book was supposed to be 42 chapters long. Two additional chapters have since been added.

A few of the characters are insistent on getting their POV’s across. They refuse to move forward until their demands have been met. Thus, the extra chapters.

I’m currently working on chapter 42. By the time the book is done, there’s no telling what number the final chapter will be. Nevertheless, I do so hope you’ll all like the book when the time comes.

The plan is to write book 2 before I work on releasing book 1. This means there will be a bit of a wait, but I think it’ll be worth it in the long run. This way, I can work on book 3, while all of you catch up on the first 2 books.

In between, I’ll be working on re-releasing some of the books I took down years ago, which have since gotten extra content added and work done on them. There’s a lot to come.

Stay tuned!