The Pain Of Her Existence

Tears streak her cheeks,
as she lies across her bed.
Her soul is slowly breaking.
Her wrists stained thick with red.

She feels her life is hopeless.
Unwilling to go on.
Alone and afraid,
she feels that hope is truly gone.

For she’s sat upon the sidelines,
watching her life speed by.
Her efforts seem wasted.
Her only release is to say good-bye.

The pain of her existence,
weighs heavily upon her heart.
Detesting the cards that she’s been dealt,
she embraces death as if it has always been her sweetheart.

A smile plays about the corners of her mouth.
Frozen into place with one last gasp.
She’s achieved what she’s always wanted.
Her life no longer within her grasp.

© July 04, 2011 L.E.M.