Good morning, lovelies.

How’s it going? So far, so good here.

I am up bright and early on this beautiful Saturday morning. My sleep schedule is a little upside down since we have the sniffles here at home.

I decided to sit down to a little writing. Haven’t started yet, mind you. Soon, though.

I’ve some good news. This is tied to the snippet I’d shared with you all yesterday from an untitled manuscript.

My Muse has given me the title for the book this morning. Before I share it, I thought I’d give you all a little background on it.

The book—It might turn into a duology and/or trilogy. We’ll see.—is a prequel to The Brakiehrih’s Treasure. It takes place two years prior to the events that unfold in it.

Those of you who’ve had the privilege in beta-reading TBT as I’ve been working on it already know what happens in the book itself. For the most part, of course.

TBT is almost done. I have a few final deets to cement in it. I can’t wait to have my editor pick it apart and make it shine soon enough.

Anywho, I’m done rambling. The untitled manuscript is now titled The Jewel Of Tircondainé. Whether it’ll be a standalone or not remains to be seen.

I can’t wait to share more of the story as time goes by. I do so hope you’ll all enjoy the books when they eventually make their way out into the world. In due time, of course.

::smirks and winks::