TOVFY BC Heads up, lovelies.

Tales of Velosia: Forever Yours’s expected publication date is June 5, 2012.


Book Description:

Duty will tear them apart. Love will make them stronger.

Bound by her duty, Tyale Poshpot knows her destiny is inescapable. Never has she had to tread the path she must walk alone; Kimbar Doblemine has been there for her ever since she can remember. A pillar of strength, he’s the rock to hold her steady every step of the way.

With each day that passes, her love for him grows stronger. The secrets of her heart clamor for release, a fact she knows she can’t deny. Caught within an unexpected storm, she’s determined to savor the time they have together.

Torn by what is right, she knows she treads a dangerous path. Yet love can never be denied. Nothing else will matter as two hearts beat as one. For one night, passion will rule supreme.