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I trust that all of you are doing well today. I know that all of you are wondering what’s going on with this Tales of Velosia thing that I’ve been linking to today. I thought that I’d take a moment and give you all a little insight as to what it is.

As some of you know, there’s a book that I’ve been working on titled Tyale – Tales of Velosia. It’s a science-fiction/fantasy story centered around a world in peril called Velosia.

The Gods have prophecized that Tyale is destined to save her world, but her existence within that realm is in danger. Steps have been taken to keep her alive, at all costs. Those appointed as her protectors know that this means that she’ll be kept at a distance from a world that she has yet to know.

Factions covet the powers that she possesses, hoping to acquire them as means to their own gain. They seek to destroy anything, and anyone, that gets in their way.

Fighting against time, and the growing rift between both worlds, Tyale must find it within herself to restore the balance amongst her people and the Earth itself. She finds the strength to overcome the trials that the Gods have placed along the way, never knowing that her love was also meant to destroy the very world that she’s supposed to save.

I’ve been working on a page that centers around this world that I’ve created for quite some time. I just wasn’t satisfied with it completely so I never made it known till now. I realized that if I kept procrastinating, the page and the story would just sit there and might never come to fruition. So these last few days I’ve gone about in setting up the details of all of this and releasing bits of it as I go along. I suppose this will give the series more exposure once it’s all said and done.

The blog on which this idea/story is based on has a theme worked into it. You’ll see, as time goes by. Keep in mind that the characters that grace the blog’s pages are of my own invention. I hope that you’ll enjoy this world/the characters that I’ve created.

I plan to showcase character profiles, the world lore, as well as offer insight as to what makes the world of Velosia unique. You’re sure to meet quite a few interesting people as we go along.

I’d love to know what you all think. So feel free to leave your thoughts/feedback. They are very much appreciated.

Below you’ll find the corresponding links to some of what I’ve been working on for this series.


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