So . . . I wrote this tonight. This comes straight from a project I’m working on, mind you. I shan’t reveal which one, as I want you all to discover that when the time comes.

I’m sharing this because while this is something I wrote in a story, it also extends to real life. Although these words pertain to the character they were written for, in this little snippet, there’s a part of me in what’s been written.

It made me wonder if every writer/author out there feels this exact way with what they write. So, do you? I honestly want to know.

This is how I see every world I lovingly create for my readers. How I mold every character to suit each story.

Not only do I write for myself, I also write for those who wish to sit down and read my stories. It’s been years since I’ve released something substantial. I needed to take that step back to re-evaluate and reassess. During that time, I’ve learned to hone my craft. To create something out of nothing and better it for those of you who wish to read my work.

To all of you, thank you for sticking around! There are good things to come, I assure you.

Something Out Of Nothing