Posting this for Six Sentence Sunday tomorrow since I’m turning in early tonight. For a full FAQ as to what this is, you can find it HERE.

Be sure to check out my previous installment for Six Sentence Sunday, as this is a continuation of that. Keep in mind that this story has no title, as of yet. My aim is to keep sharing 6 more sentences of this story with you all every Sunday as I go along.  Hopefully, by the time, it’s said and done, the book will be completed and ready for release.




A jet-black steed kept bucking ever so gently as I became cognizant of the fact that I was sitting sidesaddle across a well-worn pillion, its horn digging into my left hip. As I shifted in my seat, my heart began to race as I took in the vast green valley that lay below. Long stalks of wild grass were bending to and fro as a light breeze swept forth. Purple and white flowers, scattered amongst the pasture, bobbed into view every now and then as the wind began to pick up. Their sweet scent, which reminded me of the potted Freesia sitting upon the windowsill in my kitchen back home, soon wafted into the air.

The basin seemed to extend for miles and miles with an occasional tree dotting its vast expanse at odd intervals.