My entry for Six Sentence Sunday.

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Be sure to check out my previous installments for Six Sentence Sunday, as this is a continuation of that. Keep in mind that this story has no title, as of yet. My aim is to keep sharing 6 more sentences of this story with you all every Sunday as I go along. Hopefully, by the time it’s said and done, the book will be completed and ready for release.


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His nostrils flared outward as he stared down at me; his mouth quivering slightly as he tried to suppress the laughter that bubbled to his lips.

“Like what you see?” he prodded, pulling my hand free of his face.

“I know you.”

“Do you?”

I nodded. “Yes. You’re Brian Blackwell.”

He shook his head, the raven curls that framed his face falling across his brow.