My entry for Six Sentence Sunday. For a full FAQ as to what this is, you can find it HERE. Be sure to check out my previous installments for Six Sentence Sunday, as this is a continuation of that. Keep in mind that this story has no title, as of yet. My aim is to keep sharing 6 more sentences of this story with you all every Sunday as I go along. Hopefully, by the time it’s said and done, the book will be completed and ready for release. Enjoy! Beginning: 9/11/2011 Next: 9/18/2011 Next: 9/25/2011 Next: 10/2/2011 Next: 10/9/2011 Next: 10/16/2011 Next: 10/23/2011     Somehow, I was hoping to find some fault in it. Yet there was none. He was just as perfect within my memory as he was here in my dream. If this was a dream! Unable to help myself, I reached up and curled a hand about his cheek, enjoying the feel of his warm, tanned skin against my flesh. His eyebrows were raised in question as I drew my hand down and cupped his chin.