Posting my entry for Six Sentence Sunday today. For a full FAQ as to what this is, you can find it HERE.

Be sure to check out my previous installments for Six Sentence Sunday, as this is a continuation of that. Keep in mind that this story has no title, as of yet. My aim is to keep sharing 6 more sentences of this story with you all every Sunday as I go along. Hopefully, by the time, it’s said and done, the book will be completed and ready for release.


Beginning: 9/11/2011
Next: 9/18/2011

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“Oh, let her be. She’s come around, at least. Be thankful for that.”

The arm that had hung loosely about my waist tightened, pulling me back against a taut, yet well-muscled chest. Blinking rapidly, I allowed my eyes to focus and took in the broad grin that split the man’s face as I gazed up at him. Shock began to set in as I stared at the doppelganger of Brian Blackwell, a man I had seen many times, yet had never actually met, back home.

What is going on? Where the hell am I?

“You might want to stay still,” he said.