So apparently Facebook considers us hopping around on author pages and sharing links for things like Karmic Friday/promoting our pages as spam and irrelevant information and will block a person’s account for 15 days. They’ve also stated that if these person’s continue to post repeatedly once the ban has lifted that they’ll disable the person’s account.

Do they even realize that most of us share our links on each others pages because we’re trying to raise interest in who we are and give each other support in the process? Nope, they don’t. Nor do they realize that the links we share about advice/notifying others of events and what not/etc . . . is not spam.

They don’t care, though. To them doing the above is spam. It’s irrelevant information. They deem our sharing things with one another as something unnecessary.

Facebook needs to open up and realize that sharing links and posting as we do within the writing community isn’t spamming. Nor is our information irrelevant. It irks me royally that they’ve decided to start tamping down on our sharing with one another.

At the rate they’re going, we won’t be able to keep doing things like Karmic Friday’s and promoting our pages/links within other pages anymore. Which sorely sucks because sharing what we do with others is our way of being able to support and promote one another.

On the bright side of all this, it just means we can share links and promote ourselves with Google+, right? Which is what might happen in the long run if they keep trying to curb our activities the way they’re doing now.