wts bcMickey Tussler’s life has taken another turn. He’s been given the chance to play for the Boston Braves, and he’s determined to give things his best shot. Baseball fills he’s every moment, and he won’t have things any other way. In his mind, he’s got it made despite the fact that he encounters new challenges every step of the way.

While I’ve come into this series via this third book, I must say that Welcome To The Show was a delightful read. Frank has taken elements of the past and blended them in such a way that it piques the reader’s interest from start to finish. Granted, he takes liberties with certain historical details, but that’s what makes the story so good.

Frank gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to live life as this autistic pitcher back in the 50s. The ups and downs, the uncertainties, and the hopes and dreams, we see it all and then some. It’s truly eyeopening to see how different things were back then versus how they are now. The world has come a long way since then, though some things haven’t changed as much.

We find ourselves immersed in Mickey’s life as he heads to Boston. This is a character who gives his all to everything he does and it shows with every turn of the page. Full of thought-provoking moments, this book makes you want to know more about the world Frank has created around Mickey and the rest of the characters. You can’t help but feel everything they do—the happiness, disappointments, anger, you name it. A truly inspiring read, I definitely recommend this series.




It’s 1950 and Mickey Tussler—the now famous autistic pitching prodigy with a golden arm—is back for another baseball season in this third installment of Frank Nappi’s critically acclaimed Legend of Mickey Tussler series. Talk of Mickey’s legendary exploits on the field has grown since his improbable debut two years prior, as have the fortunes of Murph and the rest of the lovable, ragtag Brew Crew. Now Mickey, Murph, and Lester find themselves heading to Bean Town to play for the Boston Braves.

The call up is sweet, for all of them have overcome insurmountable odds to get where they are. But life in the Major Leagues is filled with fast-paced action both on and off the field. The bright lights of Boston hold a new series of challenges, hardships, and life lessons—especially for Mickey, who finds himself a long way from throwing apples into a barrel back on the farm. The three newest Braves have each other to lean on, as well as a new group of fans who are swept away by pennant fever, but balancing everything this new world has to offer may prove to be the greatest challenge of all.



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nappiAbout The Author:

Frank Nappi has taught high school English and Creative Writing for over twenty years. His debut novel, ECHOES FROM THE INFANTRY, received national attention, including MWSA’s silver medal for outstanding fiction. His follow-up novel, THE LEGEND OF MICKEY TUSSLER, garnered rave reviews as well, including a movie adaptation of the touching story “A Mile in His Shoes” starring Dean Cain and Luke Schroder. Nappi continues to produce quality work, including SOPHOMORE CAMPAIGN, the intriguing sequel to the much heralded original story and the thriller, NOBODY HAS TO KNOW, which received an endorsement from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nelson DeMille. The third installment of Nappi’s Mickey Tussler series, WELCOME TO THE SHOW, was released in April 2016, and he is currently at work on his next thriller, AS LONG AS WE BOTH SHALL LIVE. Nappi lives on Long Island with his wife Julia and their two sons, Nicholas and Anthony.

Website: http://www.franknappi.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorfranknappi

Twitter: http://twitter.com/franknappi

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