WWWR BCEver since she met Seg Eraranat, Ama Kalder’s has never been boring. Thrust into a world she never imagined, she must now do everything in her power to survive. The inhabitants of the planet Seg comes from are cruel and overbearing. In their eyes, she’s an outsider, and she’ll never fit in with those who surround Seg himself. She knows she’ll need to make a stand, and show them that she’s not afraid of what’s to come. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

With adversity coming at her from every direction, Ama soon realizes that she’s way in over her head. Seg has kept a lot from her, most especially what her primary role in this new world would be. In her mind, she saw herself as his equal. Someone who would share the spoils of war with him. Sadly, that’s not the case. She’s just someone who’s come from the outside, an Outer who has no idea about the planet’s customs. It doesn’t matter that she’s willing to learn, to become one of the denizens. She’s different, and that’s all anyone sees when they lay eyes on her.

As her station in Seg’s world changes, so do the circumstances that led her to make the choices she’s made. Seg is different, yet she can’t quite put her finger on why that is. Granted, he’s keeping a lot of things from her. She knows it’s for her best interests. It’ll help her stay alive, but she’s determined in making him see her as his equal. To do that, however, she’ll need to conform to things she never thought she’d do from the get-go.

As tensions rise, and the planet’s denizen’s become cognizant of the fact that change is on the horizon, Ama soon realizes that she herself stands in the midst of what’s coming Seg’s way. Seg has set into motion a series of cataclysmic events that will change her life and his in more ways than one. If they’re to survive the chaos that now surrounds them, they’ll need to put their trust in themselves as well as those they hold close to their hearts. Only then, can they overcome the obstacles that have been placed in their way intent on keeping them from their utmost goal.

The Warpworld series has captured my attention from the very moment I dove into the first book. Wasteland Renegades picks up where the first left off, landing us smack-dab in the middle of the chaos that surrounds Seg’s world. We’re introduced to new characters and old, and learn more about the conflicts Seg has to contend with back at home. I’m very happy to see that Ama’s portion of the story continues, and that’s she very determined in making things work with Seg himself. Kristene and Joshua have done a great job in building the world around their characters, drawing a reader in at every turn. I’m excited to see what comes next for Seg and Ama. Will they win the war, and end the battle, once and for all? It’s hard to say, but it’s definitely a journey I don’t want to miss!



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This time, survival is not enough

With a handful of warriors and a few loyal misfits, Seg Eraranat launches a desperate bid to save his dying planet. But the world’s rulers have their own plans and he is forced to choose between the people he has sworn to save and the woman he loves, Ama Kalder.

She is an Outer, and cannot abide his world’s cruel customs. Her rebellion pits her against a powerful enemy who will enslave her at any cost.

Torn apart by enemies and allies, targeted by a ruthless leader, and thrust onto the bleeding edge of a planet on the brink of all-out war, Eraranat and Kalder risk everything in one final battle for the world and the future of its people.



KP PictureAbout The Authors:

About Kristene Perron:

Kristene is a former professional stunt performer for film and television (as Kristene Kenward) and self-described ‘fishing goddess’. Pathologically nomadic, she has lived in Japan, Costa Rica, the Cook Islands and a very tiny key in the Bahamas, just to name a few. Her stories have appeared in Canadian Storyteller Magazine, The Barbaric Yawp,Hemispheres Magazine and Denizens of Darkness. In 2010 she won the Surrey International Writers’ Conference Storyteller Award. Kristene is a member of SF Canada.

Her novel, WARPWORLD, is the first in a five book adventure science fiction series, penned with her Texan co-writer, Joshua Simpson.

She currently resides in Nelson, BC, Canada but her suitcase is always packed.


JS PictureAbout Joshua Simpson:

A career nomad, Josh Simpson has driven trucks through the lower forty-eight states, treated and and disposed of hazardous waste, mixed mud as a stonemasonry laborer, failed abysmally in marketing, gotten on people’s nerves as a safety man, and presently gets on their nerves even more using nerve release techniques in musculo-skeletal pain relief.

He lives amidst the scrub and mesquite of West Texas, cohabiting with the requisite writer’s minimum of two cats. Warpworld is his first published novel.



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