WDOU ButtonElisabeth Story’s life has changed within the blink of an eye. Almost all of her family is dead, except for her and her older brother. Unfortunately, he’s off fighting the war against the undead so there’s no way for her to tell him the bad news. Despite everything she’s gone through, she’s determined to make the most of the lot she’s been dealt in life. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be as easy as it looks.

With a madman hot on her trail, her only course is to live each day as it comes while remaining one step ahead of him. Dodging the undead through every city she passes, her only goal is to find her brother before she loses him in the process. Family is all that matters to her and she’ll do everything she can to try and keep what’s left of hers together.

Trace Monroe knows what he wants, when he wants it. He’s lived each day as if it were his last and has done his best to keep himself alive, at all costs. The world has changed in so short a time. The undead litter every corner of the world. Their only thought is to feed the hunger that roils within them.

Using every ounce of his strength to stay alive, Trace has done well, up until now. His tricks at the card table have kept him alive this long and he’s pretty sure they’ll keep him going for awhile longer. Until he meets the fiery red-head that strolls into the bar where he’s trying to turn his next trick. Quick with her guns despite her tough demeanor, she’s able to save them all from a swift demise from one of the undead. A feat he can’t help but to admire.

WDOU BCAs the dire situation grows, Trace finds himself pulling the beautiful woman under his wing. His gut tells him she’s in a heap of trouble. Heck, he’s seen the wanted posters to prove it. Yet there’s something about her that’s caught his interest and refuses to let go. Determined to protect her to the best of his ability, the two of them embark on a journey that will test their mettle, in more ways than one.

Elisabeth knows she shouldn’t place her trust in Trace’s hands. Yet she can’t deny that he’s been there for her in ways no one else has in so short a time. Banding together as they fight against the undead, she soon realizes that there’s more to him than meets the eye. Granted, she has her own secrets to keep. Never-the-less, she’s willing to give him the benefit of a doubt in hopes of living through another day in order to eliminate the threat that’s just around the corner.

This was such a gripping and very intriguing story. I enjoyed every minute of it. Sure, this is another zombie story, but there are quite a few elements within it that set it apart from the rest. The first, of course, is the fact that it’s setting takes place in the Wild West. I absolutely love westerns and this one didn’t disappoint. Granted, I do wish that there was a little more history given as to how the plague came about and what the character’s past truly was. This is the start of a very good series, I think. Hopefully, book two will give me insight in that regards soon.



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Trace Monroe doesn’t believe in luck. He never has. But when a fiery-headed cowgirl saunters through the saloon doors, wielding shotguns and a know-how for killing the living dead, he believes he just may be the luckiest man alive.

Trace wants to join Red’s posse, but she prefers to work alone–less messy that way. In order to become her traveling companion, Trace has to agree to her terms: no names, no questions, and if he gets bit, he can’t beg for mercy when she severs his brain stem.

He agrees, knowing only that Red is the sharpest shooter he’s ever encountered. The fact she’s stunning hasn’t escaped his attention either.

What he doesn’t know, is that Red has a very good reason to be on top of her game. She not only has the answer for how they can all outlive the plague taking over the wild, wild west, she IS the answer.



AS PictureAbout The Author:

I hear voices. Tiny fictional people sit on my shoulders and whisper their stories in my ear. Instead of medicating myself, I decided to pick up a pen, write down everything those voices tell me, and turn it into a book. I’m not crazy. I’m an author. For the most part, I write contemporary Young Adult novels. However, through a writing exercise that spiraled out of control, I found myself writing about zombies terrorizing the Wild Wild West—and loving it. My zombies don’t sparkle, and they definitely don’t cuddle. At least, I wouldn’t suggest it.

I live on the benches of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains with two lovely children, one teenager, and a very patient husband. I graduated from Utah State University with a B.A. degree in English, not because of my love for the written word, but because it was the only major that didn’t require math. I can’t spell, and grammar is my arch nemesis. But they gave me the degree, and there are no take backs.

As a child, I never sucked on a pacifier; I chewed on a pencil. I’ve been writing that long. It has only been the past few years that I’ve pursued it professionally, forged relationships with other like-minded individuals, and determined to make a career out of it.

You can find me at my website, where I blog obsessively about my writing process and post updates on my current works. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook, but be forewarned, I tweet and post more than a normal person.



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