WordleCharlie Rockwell’s life is going just the way she wants it to. She’s footloose and fancy-free, enjoying every minute of the life she leads. Yet when she catches a glimpse of a sad Rottweiler named Rugby on TV, everything changes. She knows she doesn’t need any further complications in her life. Yet she can’t quite seem to let the dog come to harm. So what does she do? She brings him home in hopes of calling him her own.

Never once did she imagine the immense responsibility that would come with owning a dog. Most especially since Rugby is untrained and doesn’t listen to anything she tells him to do. Charlie knows she’ll need to do everything possible in order to make the dog understand what she’s trying to say and make him do.

Charlie’s life is further thrown into limbo when she comes across Ethan Porter while out walking Rugby one day. Ethan doesn’t seem to be too happy to meet her or her rambunctious dog. In fact, he’s downright put out. That fact, however, doesn’t deter her from trying to acquire his help in trying to train her beloved, Rugby. He reluctantly agrees, never expecting the whirlwind affair that soon takes place between them.

For Charlie, her relationship with Ethan was never meant to be anything more than a casual one. Deep inside, she’s refused to allow herself to feel anything for him. After all, she’s following her mother’s footsteps, so it’s only fair to keep things open and unattached, right? Unfortunately, her heart has other ideas.

WAWM BCThis was honestly a very heart-warming and stirring story about a woman who’s made decisions in her life based on her mother’s carefree lifestyle. In her mind, she’s content with the way things are going. She doesn’t have time for long term attachments. Unfortunately, when the heart is wanting, there’s no way to avoid the turbulent chaos that’s coming your way.

Darby has fleshed out a wonderful story, capturing each character’s emotions beautifully. We’re able to immerse ourselves in Charlie’s world as she makes decisions based on the life she’s leading. Decisions that will change everything in more ways than one. A bittersweet story, it’s one that is certainly thought-provoking while also tugging at your heartstrings.



About Walk Away with Me


A man with a painful past, a woman who fears commitment, and a dog with only one more chance at life–together, can they find love?


What is Charlie Rockwell supposed to do when the sad Rottweiler’s eyes connect with hers through the TV screen and work their way straight into her heart? She adopts him without a second thought or the slightest knowledge how to take care of the large, needy dog with the traumatic past.

Ethan Porter is not happy when a savage Rottweiler picks a fight with his mild-mannered Golden Retriever at the dog park. But his anger quickly dissipates when tears begin to form behind the eyes of the dog’s beautiful owner–eyes that are far too familiar for his liking. Disregarding his instincts, Ethan can’t deny her plea when she asks him to teach her the basics of dog ownership.

Can he ignore the fact that she bears a strong resemblance to his ex and finally learn to trust again? Will she find committing to both man and dog more exciting than the freedom of a single, unrestrained life?

Walk Away with Me is just $2.99 for the eBook and $9.95 for the paperback. Here are all the links you’ll need: Amazon USAmazon UKBarnes & NobleSmashwordsKobo BooksGoodReads.


“Lovable characters, compelling plot, and an exciting twist that will leave you on the edge of your seat as Charlie and Ethan find their happily-ever-after.” ~ Lucy Kevin, New York Times bestselling author of THE WEDDING KISS
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About Darby Davenport


Darby Davenport never believed in love–that is, until it happened to her. Now she’s a firm believer that every story is a love story, and has taken to writing out her favorite romantic fantasies and sharing them with the world.

Darby, who also writes young adult and children’s fiction under the pen name Emlyn Chand, lives in suburban Detroit with her own personal soul mate–fellow writer, Falcon Storm–and private zoo, which includes a music-loving Sun Conure, hyper-active Golden Retriever, and two scrappy little rescue mutts.

You can connect with her at www.DarbyDavenport.com.



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