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TP ButtonLance Miller has spent most of his time obsessing over a green-eyed blond beauty. She invades his dreams to the point that he finds himself thinking of nothing else. Every moment of every day, she’s on his mind. So much so, that he’ll lose himself in women of the same caliber so that he can forget about who and what he sees. This is his only means of coping with the ghost of a woman he’s never met.

When his eyes land on the beautiful Lisa, Lance can’t thank his lucky stars enough. His beautiful goddess exists in the flesh. He yearns to make her his, to sample those delectable lips of hers. Yet he knows he can’t do such a thing. Lisa is new to the scene, and certainly way out of his league. Still, that doesn’t stop him from lusting after her.

Determined to make her come around to his way of thinking, Lance pursues her in every way possible. He knows his doing so overwhelms her, but he refuses to let her go. Lisa is the one thing keeping him together in the hectic world he lives. Somehow, some way, he will make her his. He has to. It’s the only way he’ll put the ghost of his dreams to rest, once and for all.

TP BCTurbulent Passion is definitely an intriguing story. A quick read, it certainly captures your attention. Though, in several spots throughout the story, it was more tell than show. The situations the characters find themselves in are certainly believable, though I do think the relationship between Lance and Lisa felt a little rushed sometimes. Still, the book is a good read. It’s worth giving it a chance.



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Bold, arrogant, and gorgeous are three words which describe the playboy of International Air, Captain Lance Miller. Unbeknownst, to everyone touching Lance’s life, is the fact Lance harbors a secret, a secret which continues to affect his relationship with all women. Love and trust do not exist in Lance’s world, only lust, sex, dominance, and an occasional busty blond.

Naïve, new hire, Flight Attendant, Lisa Price recently graduated from college and is desperately searching for her destiny, a destiny which at this time does not include a man, especially a pilot. Lisa is driven to succeed in all areas of her life, but she too has a secret. A secret she must choose to be embarrassed by or to honorably embrace.

Is it possible these polar opposites will find passion and trust in each other’s arms, enabling them to relinquish control and share their secrets, or is their attraction far too turbulent to pursue?

Discover Lance & Lisa’s secrets in Book One of the Flyboy Trilogy: Turbulent Passion.

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G L RossAbout The Author:

G.L. Ross is a proud, sixth generation, native Texan. As a true Southern Belle, G.L. has always dreamt of the “happily ever after,” the prince riding in on the white horse sweeping her off her feet. She hasn’t found “Prince Charming” – yet (always an optimist) – but finds him every time she writes about her characters “happily ever after” endings.

Her motto in life is to “always find the good” in every person and situation.

Whether through laughter, prayer, or a glass of wine or vodka, G.L. finds the good in life and shares her sense of humor, love, and adventure in her stories. Take flight with Lance & Lisa in Turbulent Passion, the first book in the Flyboy Trilogy.



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Twitter: @GayleL4









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