TT Badge Ever since her father’s death, Daly has been trying to gain her mother’s approval. Yet not once has Laine been forthcoming in that department. Nursing the pain of her mother’s rejection time and again, she’s immersed herself in her art, hoping to make something of it in the long run. Her mother has never stopped hinting to her that she needs a real job. That her art will never amount to anything, but she’s determined to show her mother just how wrong she is. When a trip to her current boyfriend’s place turns out to be anything but ideal, Daly soon wonders whether she’ll be able to overcome his betrayal. For the past two years, she’s given him her everything, never once taking into account that he might have seen their relationship in a very different light. Despite the pain she’s now nursing deep within her heart, she resolves to make the best of the situation she now finds herself in. A chance encounter sends her into the arms of a beautiful man, one she never imagined she’d lay eyes on. Kashi’s sweet demeanor stirs her in more ways than one, peaking her curiosity to the point where she begins to wonder if she’ll ever see him again. She’s never believed in fate before, but if means she’ll get to see his face once more, then she’s more than willing to believe. TT BCCaught up in a whirlwind courtship, Daly can’t thank her lucky stars enough for having Kashi in her life. He’s everything she could have imagined him to be and more. She’d do anything to make him happy, including meeting his family in order to gain their approval so that in time they can get married. She’s well aware of the fact that their current lifestyle is very different from how life and marriage really is like in India. If they’re to succeed in finding happiness, she’ll need to do everything possible to accept his way of life, as well as mending fences with her mother as time goes by. This was such a heart-warming and very endearing story. The ending was definitely unexpected, but I think it shows just how strong Daly becomes in the face of such adversity. Full of diverse emotions, this book is a journey of self-discovery, love, and loss bottled together to create a very memorable experience. Emlyn does it again in delivering a story so full of life and feeling that it sticks with you long after you’ve read it. I enjoyed the story immensely!    

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About the book: Life, love, and an unforgettable trip to India–readers call “Torn Together” an emotional roller coaster ride. What’s all the fuss about? Grab your mother, daughter, sister, or closest friend, and get reading. Make sure to keep a box of Kleenex handy! Get Torn Together through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo Books. EC PictureAbout the author: Emlyn Chand emerged from the womb with a fountain pen clutched in her left hand (true story). When she’s not writing, she runs a large book club in Ann Arbor and is the president of author PR firm Novel Publicity. Best known for her Young Adult novels, she is also developing a small, but devoted, following to her children’s book series and is beginning to dabble in other genres as well. Emlyn enjoys connecting with readers and is available via almost every social media site in existence. Visit for more info. Don’t forget to say “hi” to her sun conure Ducky! Connect with Emlyn on her website, Facebook, GoodReads, or Twitter. About the prizes: Who doesn’t love prizes? You could win one of two $50 Amazon gift cards or an autographed copy of Torn Together! Here’s what you need to do…
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