TheonitePlanetAdyn-MLWangTired of her lonely existence, Joan Messi has promised herself that she’ll discover who and what she truly is no matter the consequence. For years, she’s had to keep her powers a secret. Imagine her surprise when she meets not one, but two people who are like her in so many ways. Daniel and his father have the answers she so desperately craves. Getting them, however, will take every bit of her patience and then some.

A wonderful start to such a promising series, Theonite: Planet Adyn opens your eyes to what it’s like to live a life without being able to be who you were truly meant to be. Joan has learned this fact from an early age. Wanting to fit in, she’s hidden her powers in the hopes that someday she’ll have the answers she seeks. She devours books about strange phenomenon like there’s no tomorrow, all in the hopes of understanding the power she harbors inside.

While this is a coming-of-age story, it’s also one about the trials and tribulations of a girl who’s been unable to confide and trust in those around her. Her life has been a painful one. So much so, that she nurses her hopes, wants, and needs in secret. Throughout the years, Joan has grown in so many ways, a fact the author shows us every step of the way.

It’s wonderful to see how well Joan and Daniel get along. Granted, their lives are quite chaotic, yet they’re willing to try to make sense of the world around them. The emotions the author has invoked into the story and the characters themselves pop off every page. You can clearly envision the world she’s created, too. The unique language she’s created for these characters makes me wonder what it would honestly sound like in real life. An engrossing story, I can’t wait to see what happens next with Joan and Daniel.




Joan Messi has spent thirteen lonely years hiding her supernatural abilities from her parents, her classmates, and everyone in her quiet suburban community. However, her little world of secrets is shattered when a pair of strangers drop in from a parallel dimension on the hunt for a nameless criminal. Joan has spent her entire life wondering how she got her powers, but with these inter-dimensional travelers and their mysterious quarry, she may have found the beginnings of an answer.



MLWangAbout The Author:

M. L. Wang was born in Wisconsin in 1992, decided she wanted to be an author at the age of nine, and never grew up. She got her Bachelor of Arts in history from Knox College in 2015 and currently works at a martial arts school in her home city of Madison.

The Theonite Series is the product of over ten years of writing, research, and rampant imagination. I have gone to absurd lengths–majored in history, learned multiple foreign languages, even studied abroad with a West African oral traditionalist–to realize the universe of these books. The idea behind the series has always been to revel in all the fun and action typical of YA adventure while also exploring deeper (less-fun) issues of gender, ethnicity, and power. Basically, it’s the story that I—as a goofy biracial nerd child— always wanted to read.

Installments in the series thus far include Book I: Planet Adyn, Book II: Orbit, and The Sword of Kaigen.



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