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TVA BCContent with completing her previous tasks, Anjasa is reaping the fruits of her labors. Granted, they’re not quite what she expected them to be, but she’s content with the outcome of her excursions, nonetheless. She now has a reputable, sort of, establishment to call her own, as well as means to live her life comfortably. Her benefactor has promised her that she’ll have anything her heart desires. In her mind, it can’t get anything better than that.

When unexpected discord makes its way toward her, Anjasa isn’t sure as to what to make of the situation. She knows that there are those who disagree with vampires and anything of the Supernatural ilk. It’s folks like those that will do whatever is possible to lay unholy creatures to rest. Sadly, she’s been pulled into the midst of this ungodly war. One she’s not sure she’ll win when the time comes.

Determined to hold her own in the wake of the unexpected, Anjasa promises herself that she’ll do whatever her benefactor needs of her. She has to. It’s the only way that she’ll survive what’s coming. Unfortunately, her baser desires have other ideas, and she finds herself straying from the path she knows she should walk. She can’t help herself, however. When the body and heart is wanting, their lure is hard to ignore. Most especially when promises of fulfillment hover in the close distance. It’s then she realizes that following orders and doing what she deems proper are truly forces to be reckoned with.

Another good read in this series, The Vixen Arises gives us a more in-depth glimpse as to what make Anjasa tick. Granted, the choices she sometimes makes aren’t the right ones, but it’s amusing to see her use her wits to get herself out of tough scrapes. I now what wonder what the authors have in store for her next. Will she ultimately achieve her every goal? Only time will tell!




A cryptic warning from a beautiful man, a desperate need for her blood from her vampire lover, and Anjasa is forced out of her apathy.

For too long, she’d been hedonistic without purpose, and now the elven bombshell is getting her life back together. It’s just too bad that the entire city is working to stop her.

When a gorgeous man warns her about what was to come, she shrugs it off. That is, until Jaral, her lover, warns her about their enemies, and she is forced to take the lead in protecting her new life or risk losing it all. Everything comes to a head as she seeks to balance opposing forces in a game of strategy she’s only just beginning to play.

The Vixen Arises follows The Vixen Torn and the erotic action/adventure fantasy tales of Anjasa.




J E KeepAbout The Authors:

J.E. & M. Keep love to combine fantasy, scifi, horror, romance and mystery into exciting and titillating novels.

They are long term, loving partners in a very happy relationship and because of this, they love to torture their characters. Dark romance touches all of their stories in one way or another, from elicit trysts to forbidden love.

M KeepSome of their work contains dubious consent and erotic pain, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Their stories are often called twisted and arousing — at the same time.

All work is 18+, trigger warnings available on the second page of every book. If you want to hear about new releases, sign up for the newsletter!



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