TSP ButtonPrincess Victoria’s heart is aching. She’s lost her beloved Fritz, and she’s still smarting from what happened during the Golden Jubilee. She’s felt so much pain and heartache that she’s no longer sure as to what is up and what is down. Part of her wants to give up. To just let go of anything and everything. In her mind, she doesn’t have much to live for despite the fact that most of her family still surrounds her.

All that changes, however, when her beloved niece turns up with a startling announcement. Unexpected murders have been committed in England, and the royal household has been implicated. For the most, part anyway. If they’re to succeed in wiping the stain from the monarchy’s name, Victoria knows she’ll need to find it within herself to travel there to see what’s truly going on.

Though she wants nothing more than to lie passive while the killer runs rampant on London’s streets, Victoria soon comes to understand that there’s a lot more at stake than she knew. Someone is clearly out to make a statement, and her beloved family has been tossed into the fray. Deep inside, she knows there’s a plausible explanation to what’s going on. She just has to find out what that is.

When Victoria comes across the enigmatic Thomas Edmondson, she tells herself that there’s no way she’s going to entertain his beliefs in regards to the killings. The thought of bandying about London with a commoner is something she knows she shouldn’t do. Yet she can no longer let things lie as they are. The killings are increasing, and life for anyone, both royal and commoner, is no longer safe.

TSP BCDetermined to put a stop to the unexpected series of events occurring throughout Whitechapel, Victoria puts her trust in Thomas’ hands. She’s knows he’ll keep her safe, or die trying. Together, they’re going to do everything possible to put a stop to the killer’s sordid plans. Somehow, some way, the streets will be made safe again. Yet there’s one thing neither Victoria or Thomas counted upon throughout every inch of their dealings – the love growing unexpectedly between them. A love that might just cost them everything should they not succeed in their endeavor.

Another wonderful addition to the Wild Princesses series, The Shadow Princess will certainly not disappoint! We get a more in-depth look into what makes Vicky tick. Mary has done a wonderful job in portraying the Princess’s pain, heartache, and vulnerabilities. Her determination also flies off the page. There’s so much going on through every page that you’ll find yourself going back to read a page or two just to make sure you ingested all of the pertinent information offered. A truly stunning and intriguing series, this is one you won’t want to miss!



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To catch one of history’s most notorious killers, a princess risks losing her family, her life—and her heart…

London, 1888: A year after Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee terror mounts in the city’s slums. A killer has butchered two prostitutes, the crimes brutal even by London’s hardened standards. Rumors of the murders reach Princess Vicky, daughter of Queen Victoria and grieving widow of the German Emperor Frederick III. When her niece Princess Maud visits, she brings with her even worse news–the Metropolitan Police have a suspect. It’s Vicky’s nephew, Crown Prince Eddy. Desperate to clear her family’s name, Vicky rushes back to England.

Detective Inspector Thomas Edmondson believes there is a royal cover-up behind the killings. He will stop at nothing to expose the truth and bring a murderer to justice before he can kill again. But when Vicky joins him in searching for the man who will become known as Jack the Ripper, neither of them foresee the overpowering attraction that will draw together the royal and the commoner—or the danger their love puts them in.


Seducing the Princess, the first book in this wonderful series, will go Free on Amazon, Kobo, and Itunes (February 10-22) http://www.amazon.com/Seducing-Princess-Mary-Hart-Perry-ebook/dp/B00ICYSD8W



KKJ PictureAbout The Author:

Mary Hart Perry grew up in New England and now lives in the Washington DC area with her husband and two feline writing partners, Tempest and Miranda. She’s the author of over 40 novels published by major U.S. and foreign publishers. She writes historical fiction as Mary Hart Perry and contemporary romantic thrillers under her own name, Kathryn Johnson.

She also teaches fiction-writing workshops for The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Her popular 8-week course, The Extreme Novelist, supports and encourages class members through a full first draft of their novels. In 2008, she founded Write by You, a writer’s mentoring service, to aid individual authors in reaching their publication goals.

She has been nominated for the prestigious Agatha Christy Award, and won the Heart of Excellence and Bookseller’s Best Awards (sponsored by the Romance Writers of America). Her works in progress include Victorian thrillers inspired by the lives of Queen Victoria’s daughters, and a new contemporary romantic-suspense series scheduled for release in 2014-15. Kathryn is a member of the Author’s Guild, Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Novelists Inc, and the Historical Novel Society.



Connect With Her Online:

Website: www.MaryHartPerry.com

Contact: Mary@MaryHart Perry.com, or Kathryn@WriteByYou.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/Kathryn.K.Johnson.3 or for MHP: on.fb.me/Kj7hzU

Twitter: @Mary_Hart_Perry or @KathrynKJohnson

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kathryn-johnson/21/8b3/350

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5334470.Mary_Hart_Perry or www.goodreads.com/KathrynJohnson



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