TSSSATBOB BannerNewly orphaned at such a young age, Hunter Glenn and his little sister, Eliza Lynn, find themselves alone, and teetering on the edge of a giant precipice. The two have been shipped off to live with their uncle, Joe, and are unsure as to what to do. Their new life seems anything but ordinary, and they feel more alone than ever. The two of them know they’ve been given a new life to live, yet nothing compares to the one they led when their parents were alive.

Arriving at a mysterious manor, Hunter and Eliza soon realize just how different things have become. In a sense, they’re prisoners in a beautiful, yet intriguing, home. On the other hand, they’re a liberty to take things as they come. Determined to make the most of their new situation, the children decide to band together in hopes of discovering the manor’s secrets. Yet neither could have imagined the chain reaction of events they unwittingly set into motion.

There’s something about the manor that doesn’t seem quite right to them. Their uncle and his staff are adamant in keeping them from finding out just what goes on inside of the home’s walls. The children know there’s something out there. Something is watching, and they’re not sure as to what it could be. They know their uncle means well, but their curiosity is far from sated.

TSSSATBOB BCIf they’re to survive within the manor’s walls, the children will need to trust in each other, and in those who seek to keep them safe at all cost. There’s a mystery to be solved, one they intend to make the most of. To get to the bottom of things, they’ll need to believe in themselves as well as in the unexpected legacy they’ve been bequeathed. Only then, can they vanquish the evils that threaten to overcome them at every turn.

This is honestly a nice start to what appears to be a very delightful series. We meet two children who have to make do with the cards life has now dealt them. They’re sullen and hurting, and want nothing more than to have their parents back. Something, sadly, that will never happen. I think J. L. lovingly crafted this unique world of monster hunting, leaving quite a bit of room for further expansion. It’s going to be great in seeing how much the children mature as time goes by. I definitely look forward to it.



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Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro follows the young protagonists Hunter Glenn, and Eliza Lynn through an adventure ripe with adversity, paranormal monsters, secret societies, and most haunting of all, a life without their parents.

It all happened one fall afternoon when they learned that their parent’s plane had gone down overseas, never to be seen again.

The book follows the siblings as they are dropped off at their new guardian’s home, an ancient and creepy mansion known only as the Belmonte Estate. Here they unravel the secrets of their parent’s true identities, the origin of the mysterious Mansion, and their inheritance into an ancient secret society of monster hunters known as Seekers.



JLH PictureAbout The Author:

J.L. was born in Saginaw, Michigan where he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing through Saginaw Valley State University. He has written and is currently self publishing two novels, the first entitled The Deity Chronicles: Origins was released in 2008.

His recent release, The Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro was released 12/31/12 and has garnered a decent amount of momentum in its initial release.

You can follow J.L. Hickey’s works at www.secretseekerssociety.com

He also dabbles in literary short fiction, and poetry.

When J.L. is not writing, he heads up a local paranormal investigation group in his home town.



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