THEIMM~1From an early age, Evangel’s life has never been the same. Saved from an uncertain fate by a hermit, she’s grown up to embrace the powers lurking deep inside her. Though she’s kept most of what she can do a secret, she knows it won’t be long until someone becomes aware of what makes her so unique. Try as she might, she struggles to make sense of what she sees and does. When an unexpected vision shows her a future she knows will come to fruition, she vows to do everything to save the man who holds the keys to her own heart.

A wonderful addition to the Immortality Wars series, The Penitent: Part II catapults us into the circumstances surrounding Evangel’s existence. This is a girl who’s had to contend with so much from an early age. She lost her parents, though by the grace of God, she was saved by the loving hermit, Matthew. Since then, he’s done his best to be the parent she’s never had.

Evangel struggles to assert herself throughout everything she sees and does. Her view of the world is an innocent one. At times, it’s a little naive. She’s come to believe there’s goodness in everyone no matter what it is they made do within the lives they lead. That way of thinking is shattered, however, when she witnesses an attempt made on Matthew’s life. Despite the fact that she’s dealing with so much, she refuses to see the world in black and white. Most especially when it comes to holding the lives of those she loves in the palm of her hand.

I love the fact that A. Keith integrates a few events from book one into book two. We get to see more of Pall’s plight as he struggles to survive. The fact that Evangel and Pall’s lives are so closely intertwined makes the bond they share between them more palpable and definitely much stronger. These are two people who believe in what they do. They’ll do anything to make sure every objectives they undertake are fulfilled, no matter the cost.

Evangel and Pall may have a lot on their plates, but I’ve a feeling they’ll continue to do what’s right. The Most High has chosen them to do their bidding by any means necessary. There’s more than meets the eye for them, a fact the two of them have come to acknowledge every step of the way. They’ve been given a second chance, one they refuse to do away with so easily. How things will play out for them and those they come across is hard to say. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see what happens next in book three.




Hidden in the bottom of a roadside ditch as a baby, Evangel is only steps away from her viciously murdered parents. An old hermit finds her there a day later and takes her to his home in the heart of a sylvan wilderness. She is raised in a hermitage built by Matthew where he learns she is touched by a rare spiritual power.

17 years later a series of miracles occur that rock the very nature of her reality. Befriended by outlaws and a king’s champion, she is also betrayed by a woman of the cloth during a bard of the realm’s performance. That night, in a dream, Evangel envisions her future soul mate, Pall Warren, on a battlefield of death, and casts a prayer of protection around him. Thus begins a remarkable journey to save herself and those who believe in her.

A hauntingly beautiful and startling tale of wonder.






AKeithCarrAbout The Author:

A. Keith Carreiro earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from Harvard Graduate School of Education, with the sequential help and guidance of three advisors, Dr. Vernon A. Howard, Dr. Donald Oliver and Professor Emeritus, Dr. Israel Scheffler. Keith’s academic focus, including his ongoing research agenda, centers upon philosophically examining how creativity and critical thinking are acquired, learned, utilized and practiced in the performing arts. He has taken his findings and applied them to the professional development of educational practitioners.

Earlier in his teaching career he was a professor of educational foundations, teaching graduate students of education at universities in Vermont, Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. He currently teaches as an adjunct professor of English at Bridgewater State University, as well as teaching English, philosophy, humanities and public speaking courses at Bristol Community College.

He lives in Swansea, Massachusetts. He has six children and 13 grandchildren. He belongs to an eighty–five–pound golden retriever, an eight–pound Maltese, and an impish Calico cat.

Due to his love of family, he has seen his fervor for history, as well as his passion for wondering about the future, deepen dramatically.

Starting on May 23rd until October 9th of 2014, he sat down at his computer on a daily basis and began writing the first book of a science fiction/fantasy thriller in a beginning series about the quest for human immortality.






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