The Immortality Wars_The PenitentPall’s life has never been easy. From the moment he was born, he’s had to put up with the fact that people shun him. Part of him often wonders as to why they do so, but he does his best to ignore the things he cannot understand. Living a life full of heartache and constant struggles, he immerses himself in the world around him. War and pain are things he’s only ever known, yet deep inside he knows there’s something more out there. He just has to be patient until he finds it.

A dark, yet bittersweet story, The Penitent immerses us in the circumstances of Pall’s life. This is a man who’s been dealt card after painful card from the moment he came into the world. His father never lets him forget the reason behind his existence. Neither do the people within the small town they live in. Nevertheless, he does his best to find traction in the world he lives in.

A.’s unique way of storytelling captures the reader’s attention. It makes the reader want to delve further in finding out whether Pall changes the circumstances of his existence. If he’s able to find meaning within the chaos he deals with on a daily basis. Touched by the Hand of God, Pall refuses to leave things as they are. He will do what’s right no matter the cost.

Pall’s journey of discovery and his search for the truth takes him further than he ever imagined. It’s a journey that allows him to become what he was always meant to be. The author has done a wonderful job in creating such a complex world and characters. Though the story does have a slow start, at first, don’t let that deter you from continuing on. It’s worth diving further into this dark and troubled tale.




Pall Warren lives in a world filled with unrivaled natural beauty, constant struggle and shifting perceptions of reality. The time frame of his story is set in a medieval context. Peace over the land he lives in is an illusion only. Pall discovers that war not only must be waged against competing interests within his own land, but also against unnerving entities filled with extreme malice toward the human race. As the journey to discover who he really is unfolds, he learns that appearances are not at all what they seem to be on their surfaces.

This story is ultimately about the battle between faith and disbelief, as well as how hope and cynicism clash against one another in the human spirit.

Can the ultimate basis of truth be found? In Pall’s quest for meaning, can virtue be used to combat and overcome evil?

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AKeithCarrAbout The Author:

Keith lives in Swansea, Massachusetts. He has an abiding love and passion for the visual, literary and performing arts. At an early age he started playing the classical guitar and studying privately with Maestro Joseph Raposo, Sr. (Boston Conservatory of Music) until he was 17. He started writing poetry in high school. Reading, music, storytelling and movies became singular passions for him, all of which set him on a lifelong path of exploration in creativity.

In the spring of 2014, he began thinking in earnest about what life would be like in the future. Given the fact that civilization would be intact, what would people 500 years from now be like? How would technology change them? What effect would mankind’s aggressive personality traits and competitive, warlike spirit have on the ever spiraling rush toward scientific mastery over the universe? How much would the practice of scientism affect, even replace, religion as we know it today?

Starting on May 23rd until October 9th of that year, he sat down at his computer on a daily basis and began writing a science fiction/fantasy/thriller about the quest for human immortality that plays itself out in the 26th century. This website helps introduce readers to this chronicle and it represents Keith’s ongoing journey in writing about it.






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