TOYF Banner Toby Hoffman has spent most of his life hearing the stories surrounding the ‘monsters’ living in the woods near Silver Falls. Though such stories are urban legends, recent unexpected killings make him question that very fact. Though he and the rest of the town aren’t exactly sure as to what to make of the situation itself, he knows there has to be a plausible explanation for what’s going on.

Immersing himself in his every day life, Toby starts to wonder as to what is going on. Who’s causing the killings? Is it possible there’s an actual beast out there? Refusing to sit on the sidelines, he does a little digging of his own, though it’s not without repercussions. The more he strives to uncover the secrets behind the supposed beast, the more others come to harm.

When it becomes apparent that one of his friends knows more than he lets on, Toby does the only thing he can. He questions Nate about everything. Though Nate isn’t that forthcoming, he comes to the realization that his friend is involved somehow. If he’s to succeed in setting all wrongs to right, he’ll need to find a way to curb the beast’s desires. The question is, how can he do that without hurting others in the process? Will it be possible to make his friend come to his senses before anyone else comes to harm?

TOYF BCThough The One You Feed is a standalone novel, it’s definitely linked to James’ first book. Granted, I haven’t read Something Wiccan, as of yet, but it’s premise is definitely as catching as the one for this book. The action starts from the moment you open the book, and doesn’t let go. There are a good many twists and turns that keep you guessing until the very end. I definitely forward to more of James’ works.



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Like most kids who grew up in the small Oregon town of Silver Falls, Toby Hoffman had heard all the scary stories about the monsters living in the neighboring woods of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Now a teenager, he knows the stories are made up to keep the town’s children from wandering where they aren’t wanted.

Then his best friend, Nate, wakes up covered in blood in the reservation woods, with no recollection of whose blood it is or where it came from. When even more brutal attacks follow, Toby can’t help but wonder if one of the fables he was told as a child might be true. With the help of Rachel, a determined Native American girl who has moved off the reservation and into the house next door, he begins searching for an explanation for the recent carnage. He also develops feelings for his new neighbor, which are put to the test when he and Rachel discover that her uncle may be responsible for the emergence of a legendary monster that does in fact exist.

To make matters worse, there’s evidence that Nate was turned by the beast, and that he has every intention of holding onto his extraordinary new creature capabilities no matter the cost. In order to save Silver Falls from a true scary story, Toby will have to face off against forces he doesn’t fully understand – and his closest friend.



JD PictureAbout The Author:

James is the author of The One You Feed and Something Wiccan – the first two books of the Out of the Dark series.

He lives in Chicago, Illinois with his girlfriend Angela and two cats named Tim and Ruby.

During the day James is a Senior Instructional Designer for an e-learning development company, where he writes activities and scenarios to educate learners on a wide array of topics—from fast food to PTSD therapies. A Graphics Designer at the company, Wojtek Batko, designs the covers for James’ books.



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