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TKM Button Once the mistress to King Frederyck, Bethina Fortescu has done her best to overcome his death. She once basked in his love and tender affections, enjoying everything her role as his mistress required. In her mind and heart, the king gave her everything she could desire, every creature comfort known to man. Despite his unfortunate passing, she’s determined in moving on. She has to if she’s to preserve the little that remains of the love she bore for the king.

Her life takes a different turn when an unexpected summons brings Bethina back to court. Instructed to keep an eye over the princess, she vows to do all she can to make sure Meredith follows through with what she has to do. The awkward teen has no idea what she’s in for. The girl is determined in living life in her own way, something she, nor court, will not allow. She must be protected at all cost.

With Arthur’s help, Bethina does her best to guide the young princess. Though attempts on the princess’s life are made, she knows that those trying to harm her will not succeed. Meredith will be given the chance she so deserves, even if she has to ensure it herself. The succession of the throne must continue, and the plots against it must be foiled. Somehow, some way, she will make the king’s memory proud, and hold fast to all that now surrounds her.

TKM BCA bittersweet, yet thrilling story, The King’s Mistress immerses you in a world where plots and intrigue can determine the outcome of machinations set forth to claim the crown. We find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a controversy that surrounds Bethina and the beautiful Meredith. Keeping the princess safe is difficult at best, but it’s a promise Bethina will hold fast to.

I absolutely loved the story. Historicals are a favorite genre of mine, and this book certainly doesn’t disappoint. S. D. did a wonderful job in creating a beautiful environment where love, deceit, and all sorts of intrigues collide. We catch glimpses of each character’s vulnerabilities as they do their best to assert themselves. This is a story you’re going to want to read time and again. I know I will. I definitely recommend it.



Bethina Lydia Fortescue, the Lady Godwin, adored her king as no other for twenty years. But the king is dead, and as his mere mistress she is no longer welcome at court.

Sir Arthur Jeffries, newly appointed to Princess Meredith’s Regency Council, needs help. He begs the legendary Lady Godwin to return to the palace as the princess’ tutor, hopefully to lead the gawky teenager through the political and romantic minefield of suitors and hidden assassins invited to attend her Debutante Ball.

Bethina and Arthur fight the undeniable surge of attraction between them. Bethina cannot bring herself to put aside the love she had for her king, and now concern for his heir. Arthur knows that he will only be able to serve the princess if he continues his life of solitude. Now is no time to take a courtesan to bed.

Brought together as servants to Rushton’s crown, but joined through a lifetime of bitter and shrewd experiences, Bethina and Arthur discover that when the princess finally takes a husband, and all the enemies of the land are vanquished, they will have only one thing left to live for: love.


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SDG HeadshotAbout The Author:

S.D. Grady is a lover of men, music, movies and fast machines. A beautiful gown stirs her blood as quickly as a NASCAR race. An author of historical and fantasy romance, she never hesitates to switch gears and plunge into the real world of sports commentary.

She lives in her house on the hill with her husband of 20 years and their cats. During work hours she runs a movie theatre and, when not writing, enjoys crocheting yet another colorful afghan. Several times a year you can find them at the track in their RV.

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