TFFT BC Ivy Thorn has been displeased with the way her life has been going for a very long time. Because her father works for the army, she’s not exactly allowed to remain in one place for long. She’s moved around so much she’s lost track of where she’s lived and how long they’ve stayed there.

The new move to their new place makes her realize just how much she hates moving. Inadvertently lashing out at her mother due to the fact that her treasured picture of her father has gone missing, Ivy thinks it can’t get any worse. She soon founds out how wrong she is.

She’s soon transported to a new world via the mirror in the bathroom, inciting her fear of mirrors as she recalls the face looking back at her within it. She desperately clamors to go back home, even though she knows it’s not yet likely for her to do so. She’s now a prisoner in an unknown world and all because of a wretched pixie.

With no other alternative but to march forward, she decides to play along with the pixie’s games. Part of her hopes that in doing so, she’ll be able to go back home. Tumbling around in a dark forest, she comes across a Beast intent on keeping her locked up within his castle. Once there, she meets Beauty whom Beast has also kept prisoner within the enchanted castle.

Ivy refuses to accept that she’s supposed to amuse the pixie and remain in his world for time being. She’s determined to thwart his plans at every turn and sets out to do just that. When she tries to undo the enchantments surrounding Beast and the castle, she sets loose a chain reaction of events that has her wishing she’d never done so in the first place.

As time begins to dwindle and the Beast draws ever closer, Ivy accepts the fact that she must concede and play along in order to solve the puzzles set before her. She’s intent on making things right in hopes of finally returning home. To do so, she must first come to terms with herself and the world that now looms before her.

This was such a new and refreshing take on the Beauty and the Beast story. The twists and turns were unexpected and kept my attention glued to each page as I sought to discover more about what was going on within the story. The magic and the lore was quite refreshing. I enjoyed the story very much and am looking forward to the next installment of this series.



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Synopsis: Ivy has always been afraid of mirrors, but she never knew why. Then one of them sucks her into the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.

All she wants is to find her way home. But when she tries to escape, Ivy breaks the wrong spell. Now Beast is not so gentle-on-the-inside, Beauty is falling for the wrong prince, and Ivy is no closer to figuring out how to get through the enchanted forest that traps her.

With magic mirrors, dancing fairies, a sadistic pixie, and other random fairy tale twists, Ivy doesn’t know what’s safe or who to trust. Can she escape the fairy tale trap?



EC pictureAbout The Author:

Emily Casey is a writer from Tallahassee who chases two crazy kids around the house all day before collapsing in front of her computer.

She writes everything from fairy tales to zombies, from middle grade to young adult. She writes what’s exciting to her and just hopes someone else out there likes it.

Other little tid-bits: She’s a dog person. (She has a German Shepherd named Guybrush.) She likes to run. (She ran her first half marathon while 4 months pregnant.) and majored in Psychology (which explains why she’s a little nuts) with a minor in English (which explains the whole writing thing).



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