TDMMDI Button Midnight Rendezvous

On vacation in beautiful Scotland, Gwen Carter is looking forward to her midnight rendezvous with her husband. He’s been treating her to such special moments and their current encounter is one of them. Indulging in their wildest fantasies, their love life has been unlike anything she’s ever known. Granted, the one fantasy she wishes she could have is one she knows will never happen. Or so she thinks.

Arriving at her current destination, she’s excited about the prospect of her ultimate fantasy coming true. Blind-folded and accosted upon stepping inside the suite, Gwen’s expectation rises as things take a heated turn. She’s delighted to find that her every dream is coming true and enjoys every minute of their encounter.

When her imagination starts to get the best of her, Gwen begins to wonder if her husband is truly fulfilling her fantasies. The emotions she experiences are so very really. She no longer knows what is real and what is not. For love, she’ll do whatever is necessary, including succumbing to the fervent passion that’s now coursing throughout her entire body.

Party Favors

Halloween is a time for fun. A time to hide who you are and take pleasure in all you do. For Heather O’Connor, that’s exactly what she intends to do. The children are snug and safe in their grandparent’s house and she and her husband have a party to look forward to.

She lives for these parties, eager to partake of the excitement as much as possible. Her parties have been the talk of the town and gives people the chance to give in to their innermost desires. This fact is one she and her husband always look forward to. There’s nothing better than being witness to the love created in her own home with no one being none-the-wiser as to what happens beneath its very roof.

Sugar And Spice

Laurie’s love life has always gone just the way she’s liked it. She has it all – a loving husband, a wonderful family, and a job she enjoys. She’s loved and happy, yet she can’t help but feel that there’s something missing in the process.

TDMMDI BCA casual suggestion between friends one night sparks an adventure she’ll never forget. She finds herself smack dab in the middle of a strip club with her beloved husband and friends by her side. The moment is erotic and helps lend the fervor to her love life she thought was lacking.

Lost in the moment, she gives in to her inhibitions and let’s her passion and lust take over. Her husband is more than happy to give her a hand in the endeavor, enjoying every minute of it. When love is in the mix, anything is possible. Most especially when it’s with someone you care about the most.

Bottoms Up

Marriage is never easy. Most especially when you have to contend with an irate husband over something so little. Corrine is more than happy to concede and give him what he wants, but she knows her husband needs to give a little, too.

An impromptu suggestion drives her to create the perfect setting that will allow her to get the point across to her beloved husband. Taking him by surprise, she’s startled to find that he’s quite willing to play her game. Mind-boggled, but pleased, none-the-less, she dives head first into the moment, never once imagining that she’ll get exactly what she’s wanted in the most unexpected of ways.

Playing Rough

Rachel and James’ love life has always been intriguing. They enjoy their moments together to the fullest, never once losing interest in one another. They are always up for trying new things and tonight is one of those times. Delving into one of their biggest fantasies, they aren’t afraid to give things their all. After all, they’re both willing participants. Anything is a go as long as no one gets hurts.

A Quickie – Late For Work

Preparing herself for work, she’s more than ready to tackle the day. The only downside of it all is the fact that she might be late for work. When her randy husband strides into the bathroom, all thoughts of getting to work on time fly out the window. Richard wants an early morning romp, something she knows she can’t allow to happen. Unfortunately, things never work out in her favor.

Richard is insistent that she give him exactly what he needs. She knows she should stand her ground and try to make it to work, but the sight of him standing before her in all of his naked splendor plays havoc with her libido. Work can wait. Giving rein to her desires, she let’s her passion loose and enjoys the moment in more ways than one.

Performance Anxiety

Newly married, Scott and Natalie Martin are always up for trying something new. On their honeymoon, they’re looking forward to spending as much time as they can together. They’ve an entire lifetime to make the most of what they have and it’s something they look forward to as each minute passes.

An impromptu comment from his beloved wife sends Scott’s imagination into overdrive. He can’t stop thinking about the pictures she’s placed in his head and can’t wait to take her back to their hotel room to show her just how much he loves her. When she takes the bull by its horns on the way back to the hotel, he’s left completely flabbergasted by her spontaneity. Yet never once does his resolve waiver. Her pleasure is his command and he’ll do anything to make sure her desires are properly sated, at all costs.

The Bargain – Her Part

Andrea Beaumont has always thought that her love life was ideal. Yet when she catches her husband doing something quite unexpected, she begins to wonder if she’s truly everything he needs and more. Battling her inner demons, she wonders if she’ll be able to broach the subject with her beloved husband. Truth be told, she’s not exactly sure how she’ll do just that, but for the sake of their marriage she’s willing to try.

Coming home early one day, she’s surprised to find Charlie home. Part of her is thrilled at the prospect, yet she’s also a little apprehensive. Never-the-less, she’s content to have him there. Walking in on him unexpectedly, she’s surprised to see him in such a compromising position. Determined to make things right, she dives head in and confronts him about the situation at hand. Striking a bargain amongst themselves, he’s more than willing to right all wrongs while showing her exactly what he thinks of her in the most pleasureable of ways.

The Bargain – His Part

Charlie Beaumont’s life has never been better. His love life has increased ten-fold and he’s doing everything possible to make his wife happy. Granted, it’s not always possible for him to do, but at least he’s trying. At least, he’s thought so, up until now.

When he arrives home late from work one day and Andrea demands that he keep his part of the bargain, he tries to weasel his way out of it, for the time being. His wife, on the other hand, isn’t taking things so easily. Determined to have him fulfill his promise, she takes matters into her own hands and soon shows him exactly what he’s been missing this entire time.


Carrie has always hated her job at the accounting firm she works for her. Every day, she yearns for something better, but makes do with what’s she got, thus far. Her daydreams allow her to make the most of things, most especially when they include her gorgeous and quite masculine co-worker, Nick Taylor. Granted, he has no idea that she harbors a secret crush on him, but that’s what daydreams are for, right?

An unexpected elevator ride with Nick seems to good to be true. He’s indulged in her most wicked fantasies and seems to fulfill her every need. Yet when real life catches up with her, she soon realizes that not everything is what it seems. Never-the-less, she’s willing to step up to the plate in hopes of making her dreams comes true.

A Quickie – Mattress Inventory

With her husband working such late hours, Leslie has begun to miss the moments when they were able to spend time together. She knows his working so much is for their benefit, but the loneliness that’s begun to claw through her won’t let her rest easy about the situation. She yearns for his love and will do anything to achieve it, even if it means she’ll need to take the buffet over to his very doorstep in order to get what she wants, then and there.

Barely Breathing

Amber Montgomery’s life has been way too hectic. Much more so than she ever imagined. Juggling her marriage, her new baby, and a profitable business, she’s doing her best not to lose control. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

When Paul arrives home late one night, she arrives at the end of her tether and takes it out on him. She misses him dearly and knows she shouldn’t rant and rave. He’s been trying to pull his weight in the scheme of things, but it hasn’t been enough to make her feel wanted. Determined to give her exactly what she needs, Paul soon shows her just how much he loves her and more. He wants to give their ebbing love life that needed spark it’s been missing and is intent on doing just that, even if she tries to fight him at every turn.

Midnight Snack

Waking up unexpectedly, Connor tries to make sense of what’s roused him from his slumber. His wife is fast asleep beside him, oblivious to his current frame of mind. He’s intent on grabbing a snack in hopes of easing his worries, but soon realizes he’s not keen on having a bite to eat.

His wife consumes his every thought, inciting his passion as every minute passes. He knows he shouldn’t wake her and does his best to make sure she remains within her beloved slumber. Unable to curb the fire growing with him, he gives in to the animal clawing to get out within him and takes the chance in being able to release his hunger, never once imagining that Emma would be just as willing to accommodate him as he is her.


The thought of what’s to come has been playing in her mind all day long. She has a rendezvous planned with her beloved husband, one that has been proving to be her undoing. She’s supposed to be the submissive one and has been eager to submit to his domination. Yet her rebellious streak always seems to get in the way of things. Despite this fact, she’s determined to please him, at all costs, in hopes of reaping the rewards in the long run.

Wicked Games

Melissa and her husband, Brian, have always been keen on playing games together. Fulfilling their fantasies, it’s lent a fire to their love life that has kept things going in more ways than one. It’s one of the things she looks forward to whenever possible.

One such night, they decide to take matters into their own hands. Playing a game of cat and mouse, so to speak, Melissa is excited with the prospect of landing within her husband’s arms, once and for all. But first, she must contend with a little outside interference before she can win the ultimate prize and fulfill her most ardent desires in the most wicked of ways.

Under His Kilt

Jessica has always been curious about her husband’s heritage even though he’s been reluctant to share that aspect of his life with her. When his brother decides to get married, she discovers a part of him she never knew about. A part of him she now wants to know much more intimately than she’d ever imagined. Whether he’s willing or not, it remains to be seen. Never-the-less, she’s determined to show him just how much she loves him despite the fact that he isn’t as forthcoming about who and what he is up until now.

A Quickie – Lunch Date

April has loved Jack with all her heart and would do anything to make him happy. His love is just what she needs and she’s happy to call him own. Unfortunately, her hectic life never let’s her sit still long enough to enjoy it.

When he comes home one day, he’s eager to pull her into his arms and make her his. April isn’t sure if she has time for a quick romp, but he’s determined to gain her attention, none-the-less. There’s always time for a quickie as long as the two of them are willing.

The Devil Made Me Do It

Erin Clayton has been looking forward to her sister’s birthday, but it’s not exactly because of Melissa. She’s been thinking of a way to spice up her love life and her sister has given her the idea for her to do just that. Executing the entire endeavor, however, is easier said than done. John doesn’t seem to be catching on to her subtle hints. Yet she’s determined to make him see the light, sooner or later, in hopes of reaping the fruits of her labor and enjoying them to the fullest.


Amelia James is a writer all her own. Her erotic, raunchy reads leave you breathless and wanting to read more. This collection of short stories is sure to spark the reader’s interest and keep his or her attention glued to every page. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her work, you should. It’s worth reading and more!



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Don’t tempt me…. Erin wants her husband to rip her clothes off . . . literally. Does she dare provoke him? Natalie wants to make love outdoors. Can she convince her shy husband? Melissa wants the bad boy she just met in a bar. Should she or shouldn’t she? And Heather watches from a secret room . . .

These women and others like them know what they want in bed. But sometimes they have to be a little extra bold to get it. Watch them bring their naughtiest fantasies to life in some very interesting ways.

It wasn’t my idea . . . the devil made me do it.

This second edition of my couples’ erotica anthology includes four new stories! The Bargain – Her Part; The Bargain – His Part; Under His Kilt; and Sugar and Spice.



AJ PictureAbout The Author:

Amelia James started reading steamy romance novels in junior high, but her mom took them away from her, so she started daydreaming instead. After she got married, she wrote some of her naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine. Two of them got published.  She kept daydreaming and writing stories until her dirty stories turned into trashy books.
She lives in Colorado, but she’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When she’s not lusting after her next bad boy hero, she looks for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, bloodsucking lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.



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