TAOD BC Dawn White’s life has taken a sordid turn. She’s been selected as the next likely sacrifice in order to appease the creatures that invade the small town of Ironbrough every ten years. Deep inside, she knows she should be honored that she’s been chosen. On the other hand, she can’t help but to feel a little trepidation. No one has lived to see what these creatures look like, though some do recount a sordid tale, to some extent.

The moment of her redemption arrives with little pomp and circumstance. To her surprise, the creatures aren’t creatures at all, but rather humanoids with colored skin. In her mind, the shock of becoming privy to a whole new world is something she never expected. Still, she’s been given a new chance at life, and it’s one she knows she can’t pass up if she intends to remain alive long enough to make the most of her reprieve.

While the Roseians are definitely a differently breed, Dawn knows she has a chance to learn as much as she can about them. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it seems. When the soul of the previous Queen inhabits her body, Dawn realizes there is more at stake than she thought possible.

War is brewing on the horizon, and it’s up to her to set things straight. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Treachery is afoot, and there are secrets being kept from her left and right. If she’s to succeed in making the most of her new position, she’ll need to be brought up to speed on everything she needs to know pronto. The question is, how can she do that when she’s not even sure as to who to place her trust in from the get-go?

The story honestly has promise. It’s premise is definitely an original storyline. One that can definitely go places. I do feel that were quite a few spots in the story that felt rushed, while a couple details for some things were either left out or cut short. In a couple places the editing does need to be tightened up, and some filler words need to be removed. Overall, it is a good story, and I look forward to seeing what happens next with Dawn and the Queen.



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Every ten years a girl is chained to the edge of the world as a sacrifice to the creatures of the night from Ironbrough. As the story goes, no one who had seen the creatures lived to tell the tale. Dawn White, at sixteen, is the chosen one. She stands there, waiting for what is her doom, but instead gets thrown into a world of old magic of the Roseians. Confused and dazzled, Dawn is thrown into a war of good and evil, light and dark, that could destroy not only the Roseians, but the humans as well. Dawn has a choice to make as well as a journey to find who she really is after all these years.



BV PictureAbout The Author:

My name is Brianna, but everyone, for aas long as I can remember, has called me Bree.

I’m 19 and I’m obsessed with books. I read a lot of paranormal and Fantasy. I like to read mysteries and I use to own just about all of the Nancy Drew books. I love writing and, although I’m goingto college majoring in Music Education to become a music teacher, I will never give up writing.

“The Arrival of Dawn” is set to be published on my 20th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME)!!!!!!!!! Three more books will follow it as well as a possibility of a prequel.

I am planning a book launch with Ambersupernatural AndYaReviews! Cannot wait for that day to come!

Cover was designed by Stephanie White from the Facebook page of Steph’s cover designs: paranormal, fantasy, horror & more.

I hope you like the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

When I’m not writing or worrying about writing, I’m a college student who likes to write music and play with her six year old sister, whom I love with ALL my heart!



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