TTD ButtonFor Katie Greer, moving to New Hampshire meant she’d have a fresh start to the life she’d once had. She’d survived a brutal attack that ended her parent’s lives, and was looking forward to the solitude the small town she’d moved to promised. The place was everything she could have imagined and more. Until the moment she woke up one morning to find a body on her doorstep.

In his mind, Detective Jonah Kilbride is convinced that she’s at fault. Nothing she could say or do will make him change his mind. After all, the body was found on her front porch. That must mean she’s guilty, doesn’t it? To Katie, however, that’s far from the truth.

She’s not sure as to why someone would want to implicate her in a murder. All this time, she’d thought she was free of the nightmares she’d endured so long ago when her parent’s killer had almost ended her life too. Sadly, that’s not the case. Katie knows that she’ll need to remain one step ahead if she’s to help Jonah solve the case before anyone else gets hurt. Unfortunately, she’s no closer to discovering the truth than he is.

TTD BCAs time begins to dwindle, and others are hurt in the process, Katie soon realizes that someone has a bone to pick with her. While the killer’s identity is still a secret, she can no longer deny the fact that evidence is piling up. Although she knows she’s innocent, all fingers are pointed in her direction. Someone wants her out of the picture, and she’s not sure as to why that is. If she’s to succeed, she’ll need to play by the killer’s rules. The question is, how can she do that if she’s not even sure as to what those rules are in the first place?

This was a delightful thriller. I enjoyed every minute of it immensely. While the story does have romantic elements, they weren’t the focus of the book itself. A nice little cozy mystery, the story draws you in, and keeps your focus riveted to every page. The pacing of the story was consistent, allowing the reader to get caught up in Katie’s story, and the mystery surrounding the unexpected death she’s implicated in. I did catch a couple typos and grammar mistakes here and there while reading, but they weren’t that big to deter me from the story itself. Definitely worth reading.



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Danger lurks at every turn for Katie Greer.

Having escaped death in the past, Katie Greer has taken residence in a New Hampshire town where life appears idyllic, but is far from it. Teaching tangled doodling classes in her art studio allows Katie to reach out to people who require a semblance of peace and tranquility in their lives. If only she could maintain those two things for herself, Katie would be completely happy.

After finding the dead body of the town’s infamous, and most mean spirited, gossip frozen on the bench outside her Tangled Wings Studio, Katie realizes her efforts to hide her true identity and live a normal life are for naught. As the prime suspect of ruggedly handsome Detective Jonah Kilbride, Katie searches for the killer in order to prove her own innocence. Much to her dismay, Katie’s attraction for the relentless detective steadily grows, despite their continuous battles.

Past events threaten Katie at every turn, catching her unaware, and creating havoc in a life she’s desperately tried to establish in the town where she’d briefly found happiness. Can she survive or will she become the next victim on the killer’s list?



JMG PictureAbout The Author:

With her books sold worldwide, J.M. Griffin is one of today’s popular women sleuth’s authors.

J.M. is known best for her Vinnie Esposito series. The series, set in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the USA, is brought to life by a colorful cast of characters. Every novel has a blend of humor, mystery, and romance. J.M.’s latest novel in the series, Cold Moon Dead, is the fourth in the Esposito series.

Stepping away from Rhode Island’s scenery, J.M. set Faerie Cake Dead on the coast of Maine. Filled with humor, faeries, sweet cupcakes, murder and a yummy hero, the villain is someone you’ll least expect.

J.M.’s release, Murder on Spyglass Lane, takes place on the west coast of Florida in the Sarasota area. This cozy mystery has a unique and hilarious blend of characters, a sexy hero, and a psychic heroine.

Tangled to Death was a mystery inspired by J.M.’s favorite art style, Zentangle. She set the story in New Hampshire with an unexpected corpse in the first scene. Wit and fun fill the pages of this novel.

J.M., her husband, and two wacky cats reside in a countryside village in western Rhode Island, where life is anything but mundane.



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