Determined in ridding the world of Onyx and its countless fiends, Blaze and the crew of the Lizzie Borden must set aside their differences at every turn. While they’ve been able to banish the Archduchess of Necrotechnology, their troubles are far from over. A new nemesis has risen in the ranks. To make matters worse, Granny’s current whereabouts are difficult to decipher. Refusing to accept the way things are, he and the others dive head-first into the fray, never once imagining the chaos that will soon ensue.

Space Dragon Boogaloo doesn’t disappoint. We’re given further insights into Blaze’s plight, which expands on the ideals—or lack thereof—that exist in his life and that of his crew. Aaron has shaped such complex characters that it’s sometimes hard to know what their ultimate goals are. The reason being is they’re so torn and conflicted when it comes to doing the right thing.

This is especially so for Blaze. A hexed man, he finds it hard to put his trust in those he loves. He’s been burned at every turn, you see. Nevertheless, he does his best to forgive all bygones in the hopes of overcoming the obstacles that constantly litter his path.

I’m enjoying this unique world the author has created. He’s taken the usual supernatural lore surrounding magic, ghosts, demons, and the like, shaping it in such a way that you’re presented with something you never thought possible.

Blaze’s world is one full of uncertainty. It’s chaotic and upended at every turn. I hope he and the others will be able to complete the goals they’ve set for themselves once all is said and done. Only time will tell.


More Women, More Ghosts, and More Ancient Evil… A Demon Hunter’s Work is Never Done.

After defeating the Archduchess of Necrotechnology, Blaze Ramirez and the crew of the Lizzie Bordenare still on the run, wanted dead or alive by the Interstellar Presidential Corporation. Despite their problems with the law, the demon hunters have never been closer to destroying the Onyx Gate and freeing the universe from its evil.

However, the one person in the galaxy who might know the location of the gate is trapped on a haunted planet, doomed to die as its two stars collide. And standing between Blaze and the mysterious granny is an army of the walking dead, vicious specters, and beautiful blonde woman with assets Blaze can’t ignore. Suddenly, he’s grateful for the bad case of succubus herpes Dixie the Demon gave him.

From the author of War God’s Mantle (a litRPG Adventure) and American Dragons (Harem Gamelit) comes a steamy, action-packed thrill ride that is equal parts Warhammer 40K and Shadowrun, with a healthy dose of sexy to spice up the ride.

A Note from the Author: SPACE DRAGON BOOGALOO was originally published as NEUTRON DRAGON ATTACK (Galactic Demon Hunters Book 2) and what you are about to read is the re-mix. Now, this is important, if you already read NEUTRON DRAGON ATTACK, you might think twice about this book. There are a lot of similarities. I eased up on some of the horror elements and added some sexy times, so those scenes involve one or more beautiful women, but a lot of the main plot is still the same.

Still, if you read and LOVED NDA, this will be a variation on something you already like, which can be fun. I hope it’s fun because I really liked these books. They didn’t quite find their audience, however. Sad face. I’m hoping with a little re-imagining, they’ll find readers who like a little spicy in their supernatural space opera. Happy face!

Now, if you didn’t read NEUTRON DRAGON ATTACK at all, you’re totally fine. I’m Aaron Crash and I approve of this book.




Aaron Crash writes adrenaline-fueled odysseys into the extreme regions of speculative fiction. If you’re looking for cyborg vampires or jellyfish centaurs, you’ve come to the right place.

He is the co-author of the War God’s Mantle series (Shadow Alley Press) and other over-the-top sci-fi/fantasy novels. He’s been an Amazon All-Star and his books have broken into Amazon’s Top 100.

When he’s not wrestling the word dragons, he mountain bikes, kills pixels dead, and has been known to watch a movie or three. He lives in Colorado where he does devilish things.