From the moment Cami Wimberley met Hunter Wilder, she knew her life would never be the same. Though they’ve had their ups and downs, they’ve been able to weather the storm, thus far. She’s been able to deal with the unexpected events that took her best friend’s life, immersing herself in school and extra curricular activities in the process. She’s now at college, ready to partake of what life has to offer. The best part? Hunter is still in her life. It couldn’t get any better than that, right?

When an unexpected series of events lands her and Hunter in hot water, they soon realize that things aren’t going to be as easy as they thought they were. Hunter is still undercover, and she’s now caught in the crossfire. As if that’s not bad enough, they now have to deal with the very gang Hunter has been sent to investigate.

Determined to make the most of the situation, Cami promises herself that she’ll do everything she can to keep herself and Hunter safe. Granted, that’s easier said than done. They’re both caught in a large web of deceit, hoping to make good on the task at hand. Though things have changed, they’re willing to make things work between them in order to fulfill the obligations they’ve been saddled with. Unfortunately, there’s one thing neither of them took into consideration from the get-go–their growing attraction for one another amidst such a volatile situation.

Another great addition to the Crush series, Smitten takes up where Crush left off, and throws us into the midst of Cami’s new lease of life. She’s ready to tackle college with Hunter by her side, eager to immerse herself in the love they now share. I love the way Lacey paints vivid pictures of each environment the characters find themselves in. The action flows continuously throughout the story, and there’s never a dull moment. Everything that happens is certainly believable, and you can picture it all inside your head the farther along in the story you get. Definitely looking for what book three has on the table!

Smitten by Lacey Weatherford

Book 2 – Crush Series
Life is good. Cami is away at her dream college with her dream man by her side. She thinks if she can just get through with meeting Hunter’s family that everything will be perfect. Little does she know that life’s about to turn upside down again when Hunter is called to infiltrate a gang whose specialty is chopping and racing cars. His contact happens to be a beautiful curvy girl who is the gang leader’s sister and he has to pose as her boyfriend. Communication with Cami is basically forbidden to help keep his cover.

Hunter, however, can’t stand being away from the girl he really loves, and he sneaks away one night to meet her across town. He doesn’t know the gang leader, Ripper, has suspicions about him already and he’s following him to see where he goes. He surprises Hunter and Cami, and Hunter quickly introduces her as his foster sister who is having some car trouble. He thinks all is well until he discovers he has one serious problem. Ripper likes Cami and decides to pursue her, drawing her into the same dangerous world he’s supposed to bring down.

Can he keep his cover without having Cami get caught in the crossfire? Will the two of them survive having to watch each other fake it in the arms of another? Or will their hot stolen kisses destroy everything?