Ordinar yBCHonor Rochester has always considered herself a regular Plain Jane. She’s a growing sixteen-year-old, intent on making the most of the world she lives in. She has a loving mother (most of the time), and a talented younger sister. There’s nothing else she could ever want in life, aside from her late father, of course.

When her life takes an unexpected turn in school one day, Honor begins to question the world as she knows it. A classmate has disappeared, and there are people intent on capturing her. The thought of submitting to someone else’s will is mind-boggling, something she knows she won’t do. Unfortunately, that’s a choice she’s forced to make if she’s to survive her unexpected ordeal.

Determined to fight the circumstances she now finds herself in, Honor vows to do everything possible to overcome the obstacles that now stand in her way. In her mind, she’ll be able to go home when the time comes. It doesn’t matter that there are those who are keeping things from her. They want her to remain in the dark about who and what she truly is. Everything inside of herself rebels at the thought, and she’ll do all she can to gain her freedom by any means necessary.

As the secrets surrounding her existence surface, Honor soon realizes that there’s a lot her mother never told her. Part of her knows that she did so in the hopes of protecting her from what’s out there, while another part of her resents the fact that she’s been kept in the dark about so much. Forced to confront who and what she really is, she soon begins to understand that not everything is what it seems. If she’s to survive what’s headed her way, she’ll need to play the sordid game game she’s been thrust into against her will. The question is, will she come out of it on top when the time comes?

Ordinary is a great to start to the Anything But series. We find ourselves immersed in Honor’s world. A world where she’s cocooned in a comfortable bubble, one that’s soon shattered in the blink of an eye. She ends up dealing with a lot of adversity throughout the book, and slowly grows an even thicker skin to the one she already has. There are quite a few twists and turns I never saw coming. One in particular made me go, “WOW!” And no, I won’t mention which one. You’ll have to read the book if you’d like to find out what I mean. Trust me, though, it’s worth it. Definitely looking forward to book two!



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There are three kinds of people in the world: those who are alive, those who are undead, and those who can see the undead.

Honor Rochester found out she’s one of the three, and it’s not the one she would prefer to be.

She can accept her fate and live as is decided for her. Or not live at all.



LZ PictureAbout The Author:

I’ve been writing since I was a wee lass. I was reading before that; possibly while still in the womb. Don’t think about that too much.

I started out with short horror stories and poetry. I was terrible at it. The poems not so much, but the stories were awful.

I decided to finish a book (and I DO mean finish–I’d started plenty throughout the years) when I was in my mid-twenties (so not that long ago because I’m young and will forever stay that way). Again, not my best work.

But that’s the thing about writing; it improves with time. (It’s also a good thing to know your work can’t possibly be any worse than it was when you first started.)

What I love most about writing is having people tell me how much they enjoy my work; how my writing touches them; makes them feel intensely.

Bringing a reader to laughter or tears is a wonderful feeling for a writer, and no, I’m not sadistic. *insert evil laugh HERE* It means I got them to feel, to respond to something I created.

Also, I just like to make stuff up and put it down on paper. I have an endless supply of stories in my head; lots of stuff to share with the world.

Happy Reading!



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