OfNobleBlood-EHJamesFrom the moment she was given her unexpected quest, Amara’s life has never been the same. Throughout the years, she’s traveled to a good many locations, intent on helping the Chosen One save humanity. Darting back and forth through time hasn’t been easy. At times, it’s taken quite the toll, yet she refuses to give up on helping to restore the fragile balance that exists between her world and the one she was sent to protect alongside Jesse Miller.

Broadening upon Jesse’s story, Of Noble Blood takes one step further and opens our eyes to the sacrifices Amara has to undertake in order to achieve an end to her own means. This is a woman who’s had to grow up in the blink of an eye. Never once has she had the chance to live her life the way she once thought she would.

E. H. has created a complex world where every character we come across adds more to the story. In this book, we get to see how far Amara and Jesse will go in order to restore balance to every existing timeline. The lives they’ve led have been difficult, yet never once do they waver from the task at hand.

I like the fact that the author has been able to tidy things up for each subsequent book in the series, thus far. Something tells me the journey is far from over, however.




Being the queen’s daughter doesn’t exclude you, when the fate of the world is in the balance. And when Princess Amara has the opportunity to help, she readily accepts.

Transformed into a shape-shifting time traveler, she journeys back through the centuries to the year 1522. Here she retrieves a baby boy and brings him forward to the year 1995, where he becomes Jesse Miller.

Unaware he is chosen, he comes to realize he alone must save the world. And with the help of Amara, he must travel further yet into the future, to destroy the demon infiltration and repair the damaged timeline.

But the story is far from over, and when he returns to 2233, where he lives with Amara, he discovers there is far more to experience than he can possibly imagine.



About The Author:

E. H. James has always been fascinated by the unexplained. Wanting to delve deeper into the unknown, James has read and researched in the areas of parapsychology and metaphysics, for the past 40 years.

Taking those first hand experiences, involving the unexplained, James has woven the real and imaginary together into stories of the strange and bizarre.

James’ stories range from the paranormal and horror, to fantasy and science fiction, from short stories and novellas, to 100K+ novels.



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