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Obsessed Button James Barker is the key witness to a suicide – one that has him tossing and turning at night. A man has thrown himself in front of his train, the memory of it burned deep into his mind. He’s unable to accept the fact that someone can take their life in such a cold and callous manner. He’s convinced himself that the man has had a plentiful life and wonders as to what can drive another to take his own life with such blatant disregard.

His wife begins to fret because of his indifference, wondering if she might be the cause. Yet she knows that it’s not possible, as she’s done her best to take his feelings into consideration because of the ordeal that he’s gone through. Chloe struggles to understand the demons that have taken over her husband, knowing that she must do her best to bring him out of the slump that he finds himself in so that they can find a sliver of happiness within their topsy-turvy world.

Unable to let go of his obsession, James begins to dig deeper into the reasons behind Jeff Jones’ decision to take his own life. He questions all those that have had something to do with Jeff himself, knowing that he needs to unlock those sordid secrets that the man has left behind. Secrets that will help put his thoughts, and the past, to rest.

As he uncovers the truth bit by bit, James is certain that Jeff is out to get him. He does his best to protect his family, but he knows that time is growing short. Little does he know, Jeff has an obsession of his own – one that threatens to break apart James’ family and steal the last of his sanity.

Fiona’s book is quite riveting. Once I started reading, I had a hard time putting it down. So much so, that I didn’t do anything else till I’d read it completely. Truly recommend reading it. It’s that good!



Obsessed BC Synopsis: James Barker thinks he has it all, until one fateful morning he witnesses a gruesome suicide.

Haunted by the death, James seeks therapy for post-traumatic stress. Finding that the answers he seeks don’t lie in the therapist’s office, James embarks on a journey.

Who was this man, and why did he kill himself?

Now haunted by visions of the dead man in his home and in his nightmares, James begins to wonder if he is losing his mind. Surely the dead can’t return?

As his obsession spirals out of control, James uncovers the terrifying truth of the stranger who died at his own hands.

Soon he realizes that his life may be in danger – as well as the lives of those he loves.


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Fiona Dodwell lives in the UK with her husband. She works part-time for a care charity, and enjoys writing horror. Her love of all things dark began when she was a child, and found a battered copy of Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery in the house. Since then, her passion has grown. Fiona enjoys writing short stories, novellas and novels, and her first two published novels – The Banishing and Obsessed – are both now available in eBook and paperback formats. Her third novel – The Shift – has been contracted for release in 2013 with publisher Double Dragon Publishing. You can find out more about the author at her website: