NRTB BC Eager for the fourth grade to end, Nathan Rockledge is looking forward to spending time with his best friend, Tommy, for the summer. His parents, unfortunately, thwart his plans. They’ve decreed that Nate will be spending the summer at camp, but he’s not going there alone. His older sister is going within him so that she can keep an eye on him in order to make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble. Determined to make the most of the situation, Nate is glad he doesn’t have to spend the summer catering to his sister’s needs. His best friend, Tommy, will be joining him at camp and he’s sure they’ll have a blast together.

Nate makes sure to take along his trusty sketch pad and his coloring pencils while also making his preparations for camp. The thought of not having to eat his mother’s dreadful cooking for the next six weeks entices him and he begins to look forward to camp with each day that passes. The thought of making new friends and traipsing through the countryside peaks his interest further, but first he needs to get through the going-away party his mother has put together as well as spending time with the annoying Lisa Crane.

Soon, Nate’s adventures begin as they set off towards camp. Using whatever he can find along the way as a canvas, he opens up his imagination to paint vivid pictures of a world only he can see. From saving a kid, working for the FBI, and chasing ghosts away, Nate immerses himself in a myriad of adventures while making the most of his time at camp with every step he takes.

This was such a delight to read – a great adventure that will keep the reader’s attention riveted to every turn of the page. Children, and adults alike, will enjoy such a wonderful story. While this is the second book of such a great series, the book can certainly stand alone. I look forward to reading more of Nate’s adventures as they become available. Kudos to Karen for continuing to write such intriguing books!



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With fourth grade finally winding down, 10-year-old Nathan Rockledge is looking forward to a fun and relaxing summer at home with his friends. That is, until his mom decides he has to go to overnight camp with his annoying older sister.  When his best friend Tommy decides to tag along, Nathan thinks maybe his summer won’t actually be so bad. After all, he does get to be away from his mom’s awful cooking for an entire six weeks.

Amongst Color War competitions, a flaky counselor, and a bully named “No-Neck,” Nathan turns to his trusty sketchpad, transforming himself into Nate Rocks: 10-year-old extraordinaire. His speedboat ready for action, Nate saves the day time and again from the perils of floods, snakes, ghosts, and even the most wanted criminals.

Join Nathan, Tommy, Abby, and a whole new cast of characters as Nate Rocks once again proves nothing can hold him back in this second book of the Nate Rocks series.





KPT PictureAbout The Author:

Karen Pokras Toz is a writer, wife, and mom. Karen grew up in Orange, Connecticut and currently lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and three children. In June 2011, Karen published her first middle grade children’s novel for 7-12 year olds called Nate Rocks the World, followed in 2012 by the second book in the Nate Rocks series, Nate Rocks the Boat. Karen is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI).



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