Finn Jupiter is just like any other girl. She wants to have fun, while standing up for what she believes in. In people’s eyes, however, she’s as different as they come. Headstrong and decisive, she’ll dive head-first into a fray without thinking about the consequences. Not until everything is said and done. Her world is torn asunder, however, when an unexpected accident takes her town by storm. Despite the surrounding chaos, she refuses to sit on the sidelines while lives hang in the balance. No matter what happens, however, she’ll do whatever needs to be done. Only then will she be able to rest easy knowing she tried.

This book drew me in from the moment I started reading it. My Name Is Finn Jupiter is one of those books that leaves you wanting more. Gareth has crafted such beautiful characters in a vivid and believable word. Every turn of the page leaves you breathless. The scenarios that take place in the book itself are scenarios we see taking place in real life every day. Granted, a few things that happen throughout the story are far more surreal than the world as we now know it now.

By the time I got to the end of the book, I found myself yearning to know more about Finn and her family. More than what’s been provided within the book itself? Why? Because of each character’s unique quirks and mannerisms.

Mind you, the author provides us with enough insight on who and what they are. So much so, that it tidies up any loose ends when it comes to who they really are and the world they inhabit. In all honesty, though, I’d love to know more about the little quirks Finn and her family experience in their every day lives. How did they come by them? I’d also love to see what their world is like after the aftermath of the disaster that takes place.

These are such complex characters that you can’t help but to imagine who they are and the world they live in. Every aspect of this story is lovingly crafted. It shows with the turn of every page. The author wants us to see the world through Finn’s eyes, a certainty that is experienced the more we see her world unfold. Looking forward to more of Gareth’s work!


Finn Jupiter lives in the idyllic mountain town of Victory, Colorado.

She’s smart, daring, and fiercely independent.

She also has a gift for seeing the small things that others can’t. Connecting lines that, for most, don’t exist.

While happy to live out a quiet life, hiking and climbing in The Rockies, fate has other plans for Finn. Victory is about to become ground zero for one of the most shocking disasters in U.S. history. And when her father goes missing, a victim of the catastrophe, Finn is forced to make an extraordinary decision. A decision that will question everything she knows about herself. And about what she is truly capable of. Sometimes our biggest secrets are the ones we keep from ourselves.


Gareth Crocker was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1974. He has a degree in English, Psychology and Communications and has worked as a journalist, copywriter, news editor, public relations manager, publishing editor and, most recently, head of communications and spokesperson for a multinational corporation.

Writing is done at night, in a dark room, next to a small window, under a bright moon. Leaving Jack is his first novel, which he wrote in the company of his three dogs, Jill, Rusty, and Jack. A new US hardcover version of Leaving Jack, entitled Finding Jack is due for release on February 15, 2011.