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Mariposa ButtonMeg Murray never expected to spend the rest of her life in limbo. One night, she decided to trust in herself and her beloved boyfriend. For one moment, everything felt perfect. Tony and his daughter were her everything. They meant the world to her, something she never thought possible. Tony’s asking her to share her life with him might have left her feeling flabbergasted, until the moment the two of them were murdered. It’s then her life took a different turn.

Kim Wells has written a compelling story full of intrigue, romance, and unexpected twists and turns. She immerses us in Meg’s plight, while filling us in on the pieces of Meg’s past. We get to see the woman’s vulnerabilities and uncertainties come through with every turn of the page. The more Meg is determined to set all wrongs to right, the more we see her grow before our very eyes.

MariposaBCWhile this isn’t your typical love story, it’s definitely a bittersweet one. Meg had the world at her fingertips, only to have it taken from her in the blink of an eye. It’s refreshing to see how determined she is in finding her killer. She may be a ghost, but she’s one with a chip on her shoulder. She won’t rest until she completes the task at hand.

I like the fact that Kim has blended fact with fiction. The paranormal aspects of this book truly pique the reader’s interest. The lore surrounding La Llorona and her missing children is one I’m quite familiar with. I can’t help but wonder what else Kim has in store for the rest of her characters. Perhaps we’ll have more to read of them in the future. We can hope, right?




What if the best night of your life was also your last?

On the eve of a much-anticipated proposal, Meg is happier than she could have ever imagined. The future she sees for herself on that magical night is bright, one that’s full of love and laughter and dreams finally realized.

That is, until one random act of violence changes everything…

Consumed by fate and forces she can’t comprehend, Meg finds herself at the center of a spectral conflict that transcends life and death.

Her very soul is up for grabs in this war, and what’s worse… she’s not the only one.

Now, she’s fighting not just for the love she lost, but the daughter she would have called her own. She must fight the battle of her life, for the sake of her friends and family, and find out for herself if love can indeed be stronger than death.


Intertwined with true-ghost stories, some heart-warming, some heart-breaking, this love-note to San Antonio combines history, myth, and vivid description.

This is the full story of Meg & Amelinda’s quest-journey, what author Laura Metzger calls “A beautifully written story with compelling characters that reach between the universe of the living and the dead to embrace their mutual destiny” and author Elena E. Giorgi calls “A beautiful tale of love and redemption.”


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KimWellsAbout The Author:

wrote her first critically acclaimed (if you call her fourth grade teacher a critic, and she does) short story when she was 9 years old. It was about Christmas in a Cave, and it featured such topical, ground-breaking subjects as homelessness & cave dwelling. She’s been writing ever since. The state of publication depends on who you ask.

She has a Ph.D. in Literature, with specialties in American Lit, Women Writers, Feminism, Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Film Studies but please don’t hold any of that against her. She teaches academic writing and how to read literature at a university in her hometown and tries to convince college students that it really is cool to like poetry.

She lives in the South, has twin children (one girl, one boy) and a husband who is the model for all her best romantic heroes. She also has two cats– one black and sassy, one stripey and fat, and also kinda sassy.



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