For as long as she can remember, Anna has known that she’s a witch. Mind you, she’s never been trained in the arts of magic. What little she knows, she’s learned on her own, much to her parent’s dismay. Granted, her mother has never quite been there for her, but at least she’s kept her safe as much as possible. For that, she’s ever grateful.

Anna’s life is soon turned topsy-turvy when several Creatures of the Light go missing. To make matters worse, it’s soon apparent that several witches she’s looked up to are involved. As if that’s not enough, she has to contend with the fact that her skills aren’t quite what they should be. Still, she’s able to fend for herself when needed, so that counts for something, right?

Determined to make the most of the situation, Anna promises herself that she’ll do all she can to learn about who she is and what she can do. With so short a time, doing just that seems nearly impossible, but she knows she needs to do something in order to help the Creatures of the Light find their freedom. She has to. It’s the only way she’ll be able to gather enough courage to become the witch she was always meant to be.

While I’ve yet to catch up on the Keegan’s Chronicles series, I must say that this lovely morsel certainly made me want to do so soon. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, mind you. I do. I’ve just had quite a bit of books to cycle through. Rest assured, I’ll be catching up soon!

Anna’s story piqued my interest in the world Julia’s created. Full of witches, elves, and all things paranormal/supernatural, the story gives us a taste of what has yet to come for the series itself. A truly refreshing read, I honestly can’t wait to dive into more of all things Keegan and co!


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Anna by Julia CraneTommy folded the canvas bag and placed it on a chair at the table. “So, how have you been? I’ve been counting the days ‘til I’d see you again.”

“You have?” Anna asked, surprised. “You could have called or texted you know,” she blurted, and then regretted it the moment the words flew out of her mouth. Didn’t she learn anything from the movie How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days?

“I was such an idiot; I lost my phone and wasn’t able to get my contacts back.” He smiled sheepishly.

He lost his phone? That sounded like something that would happen to her. “Well, I’m glad you

remembered how to get here.”

“Actually, Rourk remembered. I think he has some kind of freaky photographic memory. I swear he never forgets anything.” Tommy opened the lettuce and washed it in the sink, and then turned to grab the chopping board that was hanging on the wall.

“I’ll have to remember to thank him.” Anna felt heat rise to her cheeks. “I wasn’t sure I would ever see you again.”

Tommy glanced over his shoulder, and his clear blue eyes met hers. His gaze was serious. “Anna, I would have found you if I had to knock on every door in Seattle.”


Anna by Julia Crane

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Follow Anna from Keegan’s Chronicles on her own adventure! Seventeen-year-old Anna is an unskilled, natural witch still seeking a way to access her magick. When she moves to Seattle for college, she encounters two powerful witches who need her as much as she needs them. For the first time, Anna believes she’s found someone who can help her explore her own magick. Her dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Creatures of the Light have gone missing, and the witches she admires so well are a part of the mystery. Before she knows it, Anna is knee deep in the disappearances and trying to forge a relationship with a certain soldier named Tommy, all while trying to find her way. Will she have time to save the creatures of the light or will she become the next victim?