LTLM Button For as long as she can remember, Emily O’Shea has been running from a past she doesn’t want to remember. She’s now married to a man she loves dearly, despite their occasional arguments, and she has a job she loves doing. Well, two, but her love of writing takes precedence and she’ll take her job at the newspaper over any other any day.

When a local girl goes missing, one she interviewed several years ago, Emily can’t fathom as to who would want to do the girl harm. Brandi Millard is a straight A student and it’s not like her to disappear so suddenly. Deep inside, she knows there’s something else afoot, but she doesn’t quite know what that is.

When her ex-boyfriend, Alex Newston, shows up on the scene after she receives several disturbing phone calls, Emily can’t deny that she’s still attracted to him. She remembers the reason why she left him in the first place, but knows that the two of them can never be anything more than friends. Alex, on the other hand, has never stopped loving her and is willing to forgive her for her past indiscretions. Unfortunately, their catching up on the past will have to wait.

LTLM BCThe killer has abducted yet another girl and he’s adamant in showing everyone that Emily is tied to the case in more ways than one. The calls continue to escalate, prompting Emily to take action. In her mind, her stepfather is the cause of her current worries and she’ll do anything to make sure he leaves her alone. Sadly, that’s easier said than done.

When Trevor starts acting out of the norm, Emily begins to wonder what’s caused him to unhinge so quickly. Their arguments have a taken a turn for the worst and he’s begun to think she’s doing things she shouldn’t. While she’s done her best to show him that she loves him, Trevor is still convinced that she’s done wrong. Nothing she says will change his mind and she begins fearing the worst.

Fearing for her life, Emily turns to the one person she never expected to turn to in the first place. Despite the fact that they’ve had quite a few differences between them, she’s grateful for the fact that Alex understands where she’s coming from. With his help, she’ll do her best to put a stop to things before they get further out of hand. Yet with time running out and a third girl gone missing, she knows she’ll need to figure things out as quickly as possible before something else goes wrong in the process. The question is, will she able to deduce who the killer is before anyone else is hurt in the process?

Learn To Love Me is Sinead’s debut novel and I must say it’s gotten even better since the moment I first beta read it for her. I’ve truly enjoyed this thrilling story. Set in the 1990’s, the story starts off with a bang and keeps right on going. Twist after twist, the story is sure to capture the reader’s attention and won’t let go until they get to the very end. It’s that hard to put down! I so can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Sinead.



Release Date: August 10, 2012



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Despite her secret past, Emily O’Shea was finally living a normal life. There had been some arguments with her husband, Trevor, lately, but no marriage is perfect. At least the column she writes for the local paper is going well…that is, until one of her interviewees goes missing, and a monster from her past resurfaces.

Within a week Emily’s life spins into chaos. Missing girls, a telephone stalker, murder, a monster, and an intense ex-lover; it’s turning out to be one hell of a summer!

Her husband is acting erratically, her boss is threatening to pull her column, and the police suspect she’s the muse for a murderer. Can Emily save her marriage, her job, her life and her sanity? More importantly, are her darkest fears justified? Does Emily already know who the killer is and, if she does; can she do anything to stop them?



Sinead PictureAbout The Author:

Sinead MacDughlas is a Canadian writer with an addiction to the written word. Though she’s been honing her craft for over thirty years, Learn To Love Me is her debut full-length novel, and the result of over two years of intensive work.

Her favourite writing fuel is coffee, with the music she loves playing in the background, and the inspiration of a lifetime of people watching. Sinead plans to continue writing as long as there are readers who enjoy her work.


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