For Alan Campbell, getting used to Viridian Online hasn’t been easy. In the blink of an eye, he’s lived what’s felt like a thousand lives. It doesn’t help that in real life he’s no longer amongst the living. Determined to make the most of his new life, he throws himself into learning everything he can about the world around him, most especially when it comes to the specifics for his class kit. Deep inside, he knows the world as he knows it isn’t quite safe. Nevertheless, he’ll do everything possible to stay one step ahead of those hounding him at every turn.

I love the fact that Inquisitor’s Foil picks up where book 2 left off, dropping us smack-dab in the middle of Alan’s current plight. The authors have done a great job in expanding this wonderful game world. So much so, that it makes the reader want to be a part of it. I kid you not.

I was first introduced to VGO via James’ initial series. The fact that he’s allowed so many different authors to create their own character stories within this unique world says a lot. They’ve taken what James started with and given it their own personal flares. Mind you, each story is far different from the last.

I so can’t wait to see what DJ has in store for us next when it comes to Alan. This is a character who’s barely scratched the surface of the world he now lives in. One he intends to make his own by any means necessary.


He’s a part-time Imperial hero, full-time thief. Lucky for him, she’s not that kind of Inquisitor.

Illusionist and novice spy Alan Campbell just got out of one relationship only to have another woman walk into his life: the Lady Camilla Favonius of the Imperial Inquisition. He’s close to broke and left without orders. She wears plate armor in the field and around her heart. Is the lady just what the Plague Doctor ordered, or will his efforts to get a job and woo her only leave him jaded…or dead?

From the city of Harrowick to the perilous depths of the Grass Sea, Alan will have to fight a corrupt syndicate, earn his place in the Thieves’ Union, and face down monsters and the risen dead if he wants a happy ending. All the while, in the real world, Robert Osmark is as close to losing his company as he’s ever been, and both Sandra and Jeff will have to pick sides once the battle lines are drawn. Brazen thievery, Death caught off-balance, the Dawn Elves’ dirty secret, and unexpected love in Inquisitor’s Foil, the third book of the Illusionist series.

From James A. Hunter—author of Viridian Gate Online, Rogue Dungeon, War God’s Mantle, and the Yancy Lazarus Series—and D.J. Bodden, author of The Black Year Series, comes an epic new entry into the Expanded Universe of Viridian Gate Online that you won’t want to put down!




DJ Bodden is a writer and veteran Marine Corps pilot, currently working out of Geneva, Switzerland for a commodities firm. He read grown-up books at an inappropriate age, developed strong feelings about old videogames that have followed him throughout his life, and didn’t own a car until the age of 23, when he learned to drive and fly starting at the same time.

As a kid with a head full of other people’s stories, he decided he needed to gather a few of his own and joined the military. During the next thirteen years, he rode, rappelled out of, and flew planes and helicopters, got knocked out, cautioned, promoted, shot at, blew things up then rebuilt them, and met people from almost every walk of life imaginable.

He wrote his first book at the end of a combat deployment – producing a manuscript that still lives in a box somewhere – and spent the next few years trying to learn how to do it again the right way.

Now, with a few scars to show for it and his own stories tucked into his belt, he writes books for young-and-old adults who take their stories wide-scoped, high-staked, and a touch of “what if?”



James A Hunter

James Hunter is a full-time ink slinger, a member of SFWA, and the author of the Yancy Lazarus Series (Urban Fantasy), Legend of the Treesinger (Urban Fantasy), Rogue Dungeon (litRPG), War God’s Mantle (Fantasy), MudMan (Urban Fantasy), and the litRPG epic, Viridian Gate Online.

In addition to writing, he also runs a non-traditional publishing company, Shadow Alley Press, with his wife, Jeanette (who is absolutely amazing).

He is also a former Marine Corps Sergeant, combat veteran, and pirate hunter (seriously), not to mention a member of The Royal Order of the Shellback—’cause that’s a real thing. When he’s not working, writing, or spending time with his family, he occasionally eats and sleeps.