HMT BCFrom the moment she found out she was pregnant, Ivy’s life has taken an unexpected turn. Her body is determined in having its own way, while she, in turn, does her best to protect the child she’s now carrying. It doesn’t help that her stress levels are off the charts, either. Part of her wishes that she can do without all of the duplicity and deception going on around her. Another part of her, however, wishes she could understand the truth, once and for all.

Determined to make sense of the secrets cropping up around her, Ivy delves into the past. She knows shedding light on what others don’t know is going to hurt, but that’s a risk she’s willing to take. She has to. If she and Eric are to be happy, they’ll need to confront everything they’ve been keeping from one another. Granted, there’s more at stake than any of them could have imagined. For the sake of love, however, she’s willing to do what’s necessary to make sure all wrongs are set to right.

As the situation spirals out of control, and Ivy does her best to hold on the fragile thread holding her together, she does best to move forward. She knows things aren’t exactly what she wants them to be, but she’ll do everything to salvage whatever she can. Her love for Eric is part of what drives her, including the child they now have together. If they’re to succeed in making their love and lives work, they’ll need to sort out their differences. The question is, how can they do that when they’re always second guessing themselves at every turn?

A bittersweet end to what has been an emotional series, Hold Me Tight answers every loose question, and tidies up the threads left behind from books one and two. Ivy and Eric’s relationship has been volatile from the very start. They’ve done their best to overcome each adversity, but things tend to take their toll.

Faith has done a wonderful job in setting things straight for them, once and for all. It’s nice to see them get their happy ending. Granted, they’ve a lot more going for them now with their baby’s arrival. Faith has certainly done these characters justice. I’ve enjoyed this series very much, and look forward to more of Faith’s works soon enough.




He loves me. He loves me not.

Ivy’s heart shatters upon hearing Eric’s crushing ultimatum. Despite how much she cares for him, she won’t give in to his demands. She has no choice but to leave, even if it’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

She loves me. She loves me not.

When Ivy walks out, Eric can’t help feeling betrayed. Unwilling to put her at risk, he values her safety above all else. By refusing to compromise, he’s blindsided when she moves in with a man who’s already stolen so much from him.

I love you. You love me not.

Lauren sees Eric and Ivy’s split as an opportunity to end their relationship once and for all. When Ivy places herself at the mercy of Eric’s rival, Lauren plots to destroy the fragile tie binding them together, even if she endangers Ivy’s life in the process.




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