Please Note: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.



Boots No7 Protect, Perfect, & Intense Serum

I have to say it’s worth using. My skin feels so much smoother and firmer. Definitely can tell that the bit of Rosacea I have across my cheeks appears to have faded a little. That in itself is a good thing. Definitely recommend it!


Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Teatea

Any tea lover is definitely going to love this flavor. It reminds me of those tiny candy canes I used to eat as a kid. So minty and delicious! Hits the spot on a cold and snowy day.


brushEcoTools Volume Styler Hairbrush

I have to say that this brush has replaced my old one. Not only does it detangle as you brush, but it leaves your hair so nice and smooth in the process. It adds volume to it, too, as you brush. Love it. Love it. Love it!


Fruit Vines Bitesfruitvines

These reminded me of Twizzlers. They’re tart and sweet at the same time. Whereas Twizzler sometimes gets stuck on your teeth, these don’t. They’re so delicious, it’s tempting to want to eat the complete bag all at once. But like all things, eating these in moderation is much more worthwhile.


thymeMcCormick Gourmet All-Natural Thyme Seasoning

Ended up using this to make a Chicken & Broccoli Farfalle casserole. Must say it came out delicious. Love the sweet, minty flavor paired with fresh parsley that really made it pop. Looking forward to using more of it in a variety of dishes. Definitely recommend it!


NYC New York Color Expert Last Lipsticklipstick

Definitely love how long this last. Glides on smooth and doesn’t clump at all. The scent is delicious. Seriously, it makes me want to eat it. That’s how good it smells. Definitely buying this again.


removerRimmel Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

Love the face this doesn’t dry out your skin as you use it. Doesn’t smell like alcohol either. It has a light fragrance that isn’t cloying and wipes away the make-up in seconds. Definitely loving it.


Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyelinereyeliner

I found this product so easy to apply. At first, though, I thought I’d mess things up because I didn’t know what I was doing. Thank God for Youtube for tutorial videos, let me tell you!

The kohl pencil glides on nice and easy. Taking it nice and slow, you’re able to apply it with subtle strokes of your hand. It lasts long, too. At least, it felt like it to me. It doesn’t clump either. I’m definitely pleased with the product and will be buying it again soon enough.