FOS ButtonFrom the moment he met Rysa, Ladon was looking forward to a peaceful life. A difficult man, at times, he’s done his best to leave his past behind. There are things he’s not proud of. Things he wishes he could forget. Yet he knows nothing can erase the burden that now lies heavily upon his soul.

Having vowed to protect Rysa at all costs, Ladon’s isn’t prepared for the moment when his beloved is captured under his very nose. He rues the day when the Shifters decided to go after him. They know Rysa is a means in which to keep him from the task at hand, and will use her against him by any means possible. Detesting the fact that he must now resort to violence in order to make things right, he soon realizes just how much his life has changed.

As opposition comes at him from every corner, Ladon comes to the realization that nothing is as it seems. Someone is pulling the strings in hopes of wreaking havoc on his life and that of those around him. Tension gathers all around as he does his best to bring Rysa home in one piece. He refuses to allow the secrets of his past to get the best of him. If he’s to succeed in setting all wrongs to right, he’ll need to confront the demons that insist on baiting him at every turn. Only then will he be able to find the happiness he so clearly needs within Rysa’s beloved arms.

FOS BCA gripping and very intriguing storyline, Flux of Skin draws your attention from the get-go as you strive to find out what happens next with Ladon, Rysa, and Dragon. Full of fantastic paranormal, fantasy, and science-fiction elements, this is a story that certainly won’t disappoint. The action starts from page one, and consistently flows throughout the book itself. Kris has a created a world that makes you want to be a part of it, to experience everything firsthand the further you get into the book. I look forward to what comes next for this wonderful series.



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Contains Adult Sexual Content and some violent imagery.

Flux of Skin, book two of the Fate ~ Fire ~ Shifter ~ Dragon series, picks up Ladon and Rysa’s story four hours after the events of book one, Games of Fate.

How many loves must Ladon watch die?

Ladon thought he controlled the rage.  He thought he left his past—and his violence—behind.  But the Shifters take Rysa and now no one is safe…

Ladon wanted a gentle life.  But century after century, the call to battle malicious Fates, Shifters, and Burners always won.  The world needed him.  So he fought.

War took its toll and now, sometimes, his scars show.  When it happens, Ladon ruptures—body, mind, and soul.  And the world pays.

But he’s found a new way:  a modern life with his beloved Rysa.  He won’t give her up.  Not because of family strife.  Not because of the issues twisting her life into a raging cyclone.  And definitely not because of war—until a new group of Shifters rain death onto everyone he loves.

Every Shifter understands fury.  Now they learn rupture.

FLUX OF SKIN, book 2 of the Fate ~ Fire ~ Shifter ~ Dragon series, a New Adult Urban Fantasy with Strong Romantic Elements by Kris Austen Radcliffe, continues the story of Rysa and Ladon.  Set in the open spaces of America, the series takes Rysa and Ladon—and Ladon’s companion beast, Dragon—through a landscape punctuated by unfamiliar creatures:  Fates with the ability to see past, present, and future.  Ghouls called Burners who devour with fire and acid.  Shifters who shape much more than their bodies.  And two dragons who speak with color and pattern.



KAR PictureAbout The Author:

As a child, Kris took down a pack of hungry wolves with only a hardcover copy of The Dragonriders of Pern and a sharpened toothbrush.  That fateful day set her on a path traversing many storytelling worlds—dabbles in film and comic books, time as a talent agent and a textbook photo coordinator, and a foray into nonfiction.  After co-authoring Mind Shapes: Understanding the Differences in Thinking and Communication, Kris returned to academia.  But she craved narrative and a richly-textured world of Fates, Shifters, Burners, and Dragons—and unexpected, true love.

Kris lives in Minnesota with her husband, two daughters, an Handsome Cat, and an entire menagerie of suburban wildlife bent on destroying her house.  That battered-but-true copy of “Dragonriders”?  She found it yesterday.  It’s time to pay a visit to the woodpeckers.



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