First BC For as long as she can remember, Mira has lived a difficult life. A descendant of the defeated Texan rebels, she’s worked on a farm in the hopes of helping her family make ends meet. While things are grueling at best, it’s the only life she knows. A life she hopes to make the most of with her beloved, Tanner, standing by her side. Yet all that chances when a First shows up intent on claiming one of the children as his Second.

When Mira is unexpectedly chosen, she’s not exactly sure as to what to make of things. Deep inside, she knows she should feel honored by the fact that she’s now been given a chance at a better life. Sadly, she’s anything but happy. She can’t fathom the thought of leaving her family behind, most especially letting Max fend for himself. To her chagrin, she has no say in the matter at hand.

She’s now been Absolved, and she must follow through with her new life and the decrees that she’s been given. Determined to make the most of the situation, Mira does her best to understand what it means to be a Second. In her mind, she has a chance of making something of herself. There are so many options at her disposal that it’s hard to truly make sense of anything.

When secrets about what it means to be a Second come to light, Mira soon realizes that not everything is what it seems. For the sake of keeping the country in one piece many have chosen to continue on in one way or another. Ironically, this means that those chosen don’t really have a choice when it comes to keeping their lives in the long run. If she’s to succeed at coming out on top, she’ll need to play by society’s own rules. Unfortunately, doing so comes with a price she’s not exactly sure she wants to pay.

The first book in the Live Once series, First, is definitely a story that won’t disappoint. A truly original storyline, we’re quickly immersed in the life and times of Mira, a girl who just wants to survive and live a good life with her beloved boyfriend-soon-to-be-husband, Tanner. A life, she soon learns, will never be one of her making.

Chanda has done a lovely job in building a world where things are not what they seem. America has changed completely, and it doesn’t seem like it’s for the better. People now live in farms, trying to overcome the adversities they’ve been saddled with ever since the Texan rebels tried to put a stop to the Firsts and their convoluted program. In their mind’s eyes, they want America to be free, once and for all. I definitely can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Mira and those she loves. Will the rebels succeed in freeing America, I wonder? Only time will tell.



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Seventeen-year-old Mira works on a farm in the ruins of Texas, along with all of the other descendants of the defeated rebels. Though she’s given her heart to Tanner, their lives are not their own.

When Socrates, a powerful First, chooses Mira as his Second, she is thrust into the bewildering world of the rich and influential. Will, a servant assigned to assist her, whispers of rebellion, love, and of a darker fate than she’s ever imagined.

With time running out, Mira must decide whether to run to the boy she left behind, the boy who wants her to live, or the man who wants her dead.



CS pictureAbout The Author:

Chanda Stafford was born in the middle of nowhere in northern Michigan. It’s the kind of place where you measure miles in the time it takes you to get there, you have to put chains on your tires for nine months out of the year, and when people ask you where you live, you hold your hand up like a mitten and point. When she became tired of the snow, she moved to Arizona and fell in love with the mountains. Eventually, Michigan called her home and she moved back, though she still misses the mountains, the warm temperatures, and the amazing people she met along the way.

To keep busy, Chanda teaches middle and high school, rescues animals, sells vintage and antique treasures, and writes books. Her first book, First, will be out with Red Adept Publishing on May 13th.



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