The thought of setting foot in a digital world mind-boggles Abby Hollander at every turn. She’s made a choice, however. One that will change her life forever. Determined in seeing things through, she pushes on and lands smack-dab in the middle of an unexpected plight. On the bright side, she’s gained a companion. On the other hand, however, they’ll have to contend with Osmark’s lackeys at every turn while doing their best to survive at every turn.

A great start to The Firebrand series, Abby’s introduction into the VGO series has been expanded in numerous ways. I loved her introduction in James A. Hunter’s initial series. Mind you, I didn’t know then just how complex Abby would be. I’m so, so glad to have come across this series, though. It’s given me further insight on who Abby is, as well as the world she’s plunged herself into.

J. D. has given Abby so many sides that it’s sometimes hard to know which is her true side. The further you get into the story, however, the more her complexities are broken down. Abby is the type of person who’ll do everything possible to assert herself in the world she now lives in. This includes making decisions that may end up being her undoing. Granted the new world isn’t perfect, yet she’ll do whatever is necessary to make everything count. Even if the choices she makes might not be the best choice in the long run.

I’m honestly looking forward to book two. Abby has a choice to make. One that will test her mettle, as well as that of those she loves and has come to hold dear. Whether she achieves an end to her own means remains to be seen.

More, please!


New worlds get new kings, and that’s exactly what Abby thinks she’s found in her boss’ hacked code.

With a cataclysmic asteroid careening toward Earth, the VRMMORPG project Viridian Gate Online has become more than just a game, and Abby thinks her boss, Robert Osmark, wants to be more than just its founding father.

Now, Abby holds a hacked key to the kingdom that could earn her a punishment worse than death. To uncover the secret that drug lords and corrupt politicians paid millions for, Abby must dive into the game she helped create and team up with one of its AI creations. It’s a race against the clock as she tries to discover what’s hidden in the secret code before Osmark can crown himself ruler over all that remains of humanity.




About me… I’m a baller. Keyboard crawler. 20 inch display, on my ink scrawler. Holler. Getting flayed tonight, all my characters getting splayed tonight!

In my spare time I love to cook, hike, play video games, and spend quality time with my people.

Three questions people never ask me are; how do I look at myself in the mirror, what’s in the box, and what does it take to build a story with likable characters in an interesting setting with important goals?

The answer to the last is determination, dedication, and sacrifice. I’ve been working at being a writer since before I could string more than two sentences together, and it never gets easier, but it does get better.

I’m surrounded by people who love and support me, which is the most amazing gift the universe could ever give. I will never give up, never surrender, and hopefully, keep on entertaining for the rest of my life.



James A Hunter

James Hunter is a full-time ink slinger, a member of SFWA, and the author of the Yancy Lazarus Series (Urban Fantasy), Legend of the Treesinger (Urban Fantasy), Rogue Dungeon (litRPG), War God’s Mantle (Fantasy), MudMan (Urban Fantasy), and the litRPG epic, Viridian Gate Online.

In addition to writing, he also runs a non-traditional publishing company, Shadow Alley Press, with his wife, Jeanette (who is absolutely amazing).

He is also a former Marine Corps Sergeant, combat veteran, and pirate hunter (seriously), not to mention a member of The Royal Order of the Shellback—’cause that’s a real thing. When he’s not working, writing, or spending time with his family, he occasionally eats and sleeps.