TC Button The battle for Earth has begun. Lilith’s reign must be aborted at all costs, or humanity will cease to exist. The Chosen have been given a second chance in preventing what’s to come. Unfortunately, banding together in order to achieve the task they’ve been given is anything but easy.

Angie has now set off a series of events that might just bring down a great calamity upon the world itself. The Arc’s, however, won’t take things lightly. Although her humanity is still in question, part of Angie wonders if she’s doing the right thing by embracing her dark side. The price she knows she must some day pay for the deceit she’s unleashed might not be one she wants to really pay. Sadly, she has no choice in the matter, and must follow through on the path she’s now treading.

Angie’s loss is felt by each and every one of The Chosen. They know she made her own choice when she decided to embrace her demonic half, but it’s still a bitter pill to swallow. Blaze feels the pain of her betrayal, most of all. In his heart, Angie meant everything to him. He would have done anything to help her retain her humanity. Part of him knows she’s lost to him, but another part still holds out the hope of being able to make her see sense in the situation they now find themselves in.

FR BCAs time continues to dwindle, the group does their best to make sense of the chaos that has now ensued. Lilith is slowly gaining the upper hand, something they know they must prevent. They cannot allow her to win the battle. Deep inside, they know they must set aside their differences, and reconcile their tattered allegiances if they’re to succeed in banishing her, once and for all.

This was both a heart-warming and heart-wrenching read for this lovely series. We get to see new faces and old, as well as ride a very heavy-set emotional roller coaster that will leave you wondering as to what comes next. I was sort of sad to see the book come to a close as it did, but I think Christine did a very nice job in finally tying off all of those loose ends from books one and two. This is a very endearing and unique series whose characters will get under your skin and stay there as you strive to understand what truly makes them tick.




With Lilith on the loose and their circle fractured, The Chosen are wandering around lost, broken, and confused. Their friendships are being tested as well as their trust in one another. They’ve lost one of their own, and now new questions keep surfacing as a bout of unusual occurrences take place. What they didn’t expect was an evil worse than Lilith herself in the works. Come join the Nephilim on one last journey.

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CJ PictureAbout The Author:

I’m a born and raised small town girl. I love fishing, camping, big and loud trucks, but don’t let my boots fool ya, I can slip out of my boots and into a pair of heels in no time flat! I love books and movies and it seems that there is never enough time to read or watch them all. I bake and decorate cakes (in my free time) pffft what’s that right?

My husband is my world. He has been my cheerleader as I strive to achieve my writing goals; he’s helped pick me up and dust me off when I get rejected; he laughs with me, and more times than not he laughs AT me, and he lends a shoulder for me to cry on. He’s my rock but more importantly he is my best friend. We have two beautiful sons, Dillyn (8) and Traben (2). They are my angels and by becoming an author I want to show them that their dreams can come true. I have something that not many people can brag about. I have my parents (both amazing God Fearing people married 31 years) and my AMAZING in-laws (married 44 years) these two couples are part of my inspiration. I am also fortunate to call my three younger brothers my best friends. I have a few close friends that have helped me come so far.

I value my relationships and treat them all like rare gems, because they are all special and unique in their own way. I love making people laugh, no matter what. Life is too short to be so serious all the time.

Writing has always been a dream of mine. It’s been a comfort when I’m hurting and an outlet when I’m mad. It is my security blanket.



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