feastofdreamsbcMorigan has placed her trust in Caenith, doing her best to deal with her unlocked abilities. It hasn’t been easy, but she is determined in learning how to control her physic talents in every way possible. She and Caenith are continuing their search for answers. A search that leads them to the forests of Alabion. It’s there that she and her companions are confronted with the darkness of their pasts and the present that surrounds them. Refusing to bend to the darkness’s will, they continue on, never once imagining the chaos that’s surely headed their way.

Taking up where the first book left off, we see Morigan and her friends traversing the forest. Though things are difficult, at times, their resilience and determination pays off. The world Christian has created around these characters continues to grow. It’s darker and more oppressive. Adversity follows them at every turn. The group’s thirst for knowledge, however, spurs them on. They cannot let things remain as they are. Not when there are two queens vowing to destroy the other, as well as a mad king who is determined in taking what he deems rightfully his.

Though book is a little darker than the first, it shows us just how much things have changed for Morigan and the others. They have to deal with so many situations that makes them question who they are and what they truly stand for. Theirs is a desolate world, one they must survive in by any means necessary.

It was wonderful seeing just how much Morigan, Caenith, and the others were determined in seeing things through. Despite the odds, they continued on, forging a path that continues to change them in every way possible. Yes, bonds are tested, but at the end of the day, the love they have for each other continues to grow. We get to see this with every turn of the page. Will they achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves in being able to take down the forces of darkness? It’s hard to say, but I know they won’t stop until they achieve their every goal.




As two queens plot each other’s destruction, a small band of adventurers continues its quest for the knowledge needed to defeat the mad King Brutus and his unearthly parasite, the Black Queen. Their search brings Morigan and the Wolf to the perilous forests of Alabion, where they and their companions will face the darkness of their pasts-and discover equally dark destinies.

Meanwhile, far from Alabion, the queens of the East and West continue their deadly dance. One seeks a relic of great power, while the other puts her faith in a mix of military and technomagikal force. Both are aware they have a slim window of opportunity to settle their power struggle-after all, Mad Brutus’s recent defeat is at best a setback. The mad king is already amassing a new army of soulless husks in the wastelands of Mor’Khul.

Unknown to the great powers struggling for control, a father and son wander those same wastelands, scavenging what they can as they weather Brutus’s gathering storm. They too have a role to play in Geadhain’s fate-a role which may just provide a last remnant of hope.



christianabrownAbout The Author:

Bestselling author of the critically acclaimed Feast of Fates, Christian A. Brown received a Kirkus star in 2014 for the first novel in his genre-changing Four Feasts Till Darkness series. He has appeared on Newstalk 1010, AM640, Daytime Rogers, and Get Bold Today with LeGrande Green. He actively writes a blog about his mother’s journey with cancer and on gender issues in the media. A lover of the weird and wonderful, Brown considers himself an eccentric with a talent for cat-whispering.








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