NS ButtonFor the past two hundred years, Visola Ramaris has dealt with her husband’s betrayal. Convinced of her supposed infidelity, he’s done everything in his power to torment her and the citizens of Adlivun. She’s done her best to ignore his existence, short of keeping a deaf ear in regards to his triumphs and recent exploits. Yet she can’t deny she still feels something for Vachlan Suchos.

After Aazuria’s little sister goes missing, Visola realizes just how far her husband will go in order to have her face to face before him once more. While her Queen may want her to remain within the kingdom’s walls, she knows that’s a possibility none of them can entertain. Most especially when Vachlan makes his intentions clear in the most crudest of ways. He’s intent on killing those she loves if it’s truly necessary unless she goes to him willingly. Deep inside, she knows she’ll to confront him eventually, so now is as a good a time as ever, right?

After being away from him for so long, Visola finds herself immersed within her feelings for Vachlan. After all this time, she still loves him. Unfortunately, her sense of duty prevails. She will not allow him to gain the upper hand and will do anything to make sure she stops him from fulfilling the goals he’s set out before him.

FOF BCWith Visola within his arms once, Vachlan can’t deny that his heart still clamors for his beautiful wife. She’s still the same woman he remembers her to be and hasn’t changed one bit. Yet the years apart from him have changed her completely. Gone was the loving, caring woman he once knew. In her place stands a brash, unforgiving woman with the honed skills of a warrior.

A large burst of respect for her flares deep within him, one he must do his best to tamp down. His adversaries are well aware of the situation between the two of them and expect him to fulfill his duties to the best of his abilities. Yet he’s unable to ignore the fact that he’s still attracted to Visola in every way possible. He wants her back within his arms quite badly, even if his sense of duty prevails.

Battling the love that’s so very apparent between them, Visola and her husband know they’ll need to set that love aside if they’re intent on defeating one another. Separated by their differences, they will do anything to win the battle that rages between them.

Visola’s goal is take Vachlan down, once and for all, while Vachlan vows to make his wife pay for the injustices he’s suffered because of her. Tempers rise and actions are taken whose outcomes neither can change in the long run. Yet they soon realize that love has a way of sorting out any given situation no matter how bad it may be, a fact neither of them truly counted upon.

This was another great read written by such a great author. I enjoyed immensely. The intrigues and betrayal continue with this book and culminate in ending no one would ever see coming. A gripping love story that’s sure to leave you wanting more, I definitely recommend reading this wonderfully penned suspenseful series.




There is no divorce in the undersea kingdom of Adlivun. Marriage is a bond that lasts until death—even if death comes in several centuries, and in that time your spouse happens to become your sworn enemy. This is the conflict that General Visola Ramaris faces when she learns that the mighty Vachlan is behind the attacks on her kingdom. She has sworn to protect Adlivun with her life, but long ago, she also swore to love and honor her husband…

Visola must choose whether she will destroy Vachlan once and for all, or attempt the hardest thing conceivable: communication. After two hundred years of desertion, she has no faith in their feeble bond and knows she can never forgive him. When he threatens the person dearest to her, she must take action. Confronting Vachlan on enemy territory would be nothing short of suicide. She knows that if she falls into his custody, the deranged man would relish breaking her down and making her lose her sanity.

Princess Aazuria forbids Visola from taking matters into her own hands; she will do anything it takes to protect her friend from the man who wants to crush her. Alas, Visola is a crazy, uncontrollable warrior woman with the blood of Vikings in her veins. Why would she ever consider doing the safe and predictable thing?



NS PictureAbout The Author:

Nadia Scrieva was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where she grew very strong from carrying heavy bags filled with books back and forth from the library. She attended the University of Toronto, graduating with a B.A. in English and Anthropology. She likes knives. Her writing always features powerful females and (mostly) honorable male characters.

Writing has been the most meaningful part of her life since she was a child. Nadia has an addiction to receiving feedback from readers, so do not hesitate to contact her with any of your comments or even just to say hello.


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